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Increase in exam-related stress calls to Childline

There's been a rise in the number of counselling sessions being offered to young people worried about exam results, according to new figures released.

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The NSPCC's Childline service took over 360 calls related to exam stress and anxiety in the last year.

AS and A-Level grades published this week and the the charity is encouraging anyone worried to contact them

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The NSPCC-service delivered 1,133 counselling sessions to young people worried about exam results in 2016/17 - a rise of 21% over the last two years.

Of these, more than a quarter (28%) took place in August 2016 when GCSE and AS/A-Level results are released.

Figures released today also show a sharp rise in the number of Childline counselling sessions with 16-18 year olds in 2016/17 - up 68%, across the UK, over the last two years.

I failed one of my exams and I'm so upset.

I passed all of the rest but my parents are still really disappointed and have made me feel like stupid and like a failure.

I don't know what to do now.

I know I should be pleased with myself but I don't.

I've always had low self esteem and this hasn't helped.

– One teenager

Waiting for exam results can be an anxious time for young people and can leave some struggling to cope.

Pressure to achieve good grades and worries about securing further education places and jobs can be too much for some to deal with on their own. We'd encourage young people not to be disheartened if they do not get the results they hoped for.

It's important they remember that they have lots of options and that talking to a friend or trusted adult can really help them see this clearly.

Childline is also here 24/7 to listen to any young person worried about their results and needing confidential support and advice.

– Des Mannion, Head of NSPCC Cymru / Wales