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'People are crying, frightened and want to be out of the city': Welsh witnesses describe Barcelona terror attack

A witness says locals and tourists were running frightened down the street.

Holidaymakers from Wales have described the aftermath of Thursday's deadly terror attack to ITV News.

Robert Birch, 27, from Blackwood, works for a hostel chain in Barcelona, and recounts how he contacted guests and staff from the hostel to ensure their safety.

He said: "We took guests to the Boqueria market situated very near the incident. Some had been locked in shops after the incident and could not leave for some time."

Robert says all guests and staff are accounted for, but have been left shaken and frightened:

"We are helping them contact their families to make sure the worry and fright is not being escalated to all corners of the world. Making sure they are able to contact their families and loved ones."

Robert Birch (right) went looking for his girlfriend Abby Newman (left) when he saw people running. Credit: Robert Birch

Robert initially headed out of his house after seeing the chaos, in search of his girlfriend.

He said: "I went down to find my girlfriend who was meant to be arriving home. Her safety was my main priority."

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He saw locals and tourists run frightened across down his street, while shops and bars helped people inside. It is at that moment that he saw armed police arrest someone.

"I then witnessed again a high police presence around 8 or so police cars, vans and motorcycles," Robert said.

"I saw that the police had arrested someone and quickly they took the person away. I have no idea if it was linked or not but either way it was not your normal arrest."

He added: "The atmosphere is horrible and people are crying, frightened and want to be out of the city."

Rhian Mullis recounts how people described seeing bodies on the street. Credit: Rhian Amy

Rhian Mullis, from Cardiff, says she was on La Rambla not long before the attack happened, and described how she attempted to get away from the area.

"I was on the road but managed to get away," she said.

Rhian said she saw a police helicopter and police cars, and decided to leave the area on the Metro.

"It didn't stop at about four or five stops until we were far enough away and safe. People on my Metro carriage were saying they saw bodies on the street and loads of people just running. Dropping bags, shoes, hats as they ran."

Amy Aukland, from Flintshire, is on holiday in Barcelona with a friend. Credit: Amy Aukland

Another woman from Flintshire, holidaying in Barcelona, has described seeing helicopters and hearing sirens following the terror attack there.

Amy Aukland, 27, says she has been told to stay inside the hostel she is staying at, which is just off La Rambla.

Amy said she was on the famous strip not long before the incident.

"It was really busy on La Rambla - my friend and I have been struck by how busy it has been - today it was really hot, a beautiful day, people enjoying themselves, sitting outside having drinks," she said.

Ms Auckland said it never crossed her mind that anything like this would happen. She is due to fly back home tomorrow evening.

Cardiff Airport says none of its flights are affected.

The Foreign Office has updated its travel advice for Spain following the attack.

In a statement, it said: “We are in contact with the Spanish authorities and seeking more information following an incident in Barcelona. Anyone in the area should follow the advice of the emergency services.

The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, has tweeted to say his thoughts are with all those affected by the Barcelona terror attack.

Welsh International footballer Gareth Bale has also paid his condolences.

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