1. ITV Report

Wales weather: Sunshine and showers

Scattered showers will drive in from the northwest today with the odd heavy burst possible. There will be plenty of sunny spells too, but it will feel chilly at times in brisk winds. Maximum temperature 18 deg C.

Tonight: Showers will gradually ease away through the evening and clear spells will develop. It will turn chilly under clearing skies and the wind will start to ease. Minimum temperature 8 deg C.

Sunday: It will be a bright start for many. However, skies will cloud over from the southwest through the day, with outbreaks of drizzle spreading across Wales, turning heavy at times. Maximum temperature 20 deg C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Largely cloudy on Monday, but feeling warm and humid, some drizzle possible. Very warm sunny spells Tuesday, the odd thundery downpour possible. Sunshine and showers on Wednesday and feeling fresher.