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Reports Isis used south Wales businesses to fund terror plots

An office in Alexandra Gate business park in Tremorfa is thought to have links with Isis Credit: Google Maps

The Isis terror group used businesses based in south Wales to fund attacks, it's been reported.

An article in The Sunday Times says FBI documents found Isis used a network of companies in Cardiff to finance terror plots against the West. It's thought the businesses operated out of an office in Alexandra Gate business park in Tremorfa.

One of the firms is said to have been set up with a bogus name by Siful Sujan, an IT expert and businessman who lived in south Wales. Sujan left the country three years ago with his family to join Isis in Syria and was later killed by a US drone strike in Raqqa.

Security expert, Chip Chapman, says it's a counter-terrorist success to be able to find these links.