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Million Welsh votes 'wasted'

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Over a million Welsh votes were 'wasted' in the 2017 General Election according to a report from the Electoral Reform Society.

The ERS report claims that 1,063,610 votes in Wales were 'wasted' because of what they call 'disproportionate results.'

Credit: PA

Labour won 70% of the seats in Wales in the 2017 General Election from 48.9% of the vote while the Conservatives increased their share of the vote despite losing three seats.

The report argues the First Past the Post voting system is 'not fit for purpose' and 'fundamentally broken.'

This report reveals a picture of a voting system which is fundamentally broken. The election demonstrated that First Past the Post is not fit for purpose for a third time in a row, with over a million wasted votes in Wales, while 24% of people here felt forced to vote tactically. On top of this we've seen disproportionate results that do not represent the voices of many people in Wales.

There are a wide range of systems where votes are not thrown on the electoral scrapheap. We need to move towards a means of electing our MPs where people's voices are properly heard and where people don't feel forced to hold their nose at the ballot box. We need to ensure that June's election is the last done under Westminster's broken voting system. This is the end of the line for First Past the Post.

– Jess Blair, ERS Cymru Director