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House of Parliament used by Edward I up for sale

This former house of parliament is up for sale Credit: ITV News Wales

This two bedroom cottage was used as parliament by Edward I, King of England, during his conquest of Wales.

Located on the corner of High Street, Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, it is for sale with a price tag of £145,000. Parliament House has two bedrooms, all mod cons and eight centuries worth of history.

Parliament House was the place where Edward I dictated the Treaty of Rhuddlan. The independent Principality of Gwynedd was brought into line with the model Edward shaped for England. It was in this small house that North Wales' boundaries were redrawn into the counties of Anglesey, Caernarfonshire, Merionethshire and Flintshire - another way of ruling what Edward thought of as a turbulent region.

Whilst Parliament House has a place in history, it is a pretty controversial place, and in those days parliament wasn't exactly elected. The King ruled, and the courtiers around him agreed.

There's a stone tablet up on the wall carved by an early Victorian stonemason, to mark a bit of history that's often been overlooked, so any buyer's getting a plaque thrown in for nothing.

Whilst 2 bedroom houses aren't exactly unusual, two bedroom houses with a history stretching back beyond the Tudors that were used as a Parliament is pretty uncommon.