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GCSE results: Could you benefit from an apprenticeship?

Skills and Science Minister Julie James with apprentice Jaimie Warburton and IT Pie creative director Aran Pitter Credit: Welsh Government

Thousands of students are deciding what career path to take today (24 August) as they collect their GCSE results.

One option available to students is an apprenticeship, the Welsh Government supports apprenticeships from level 2 through to higher levels.

IT and web development company, IT Pie in Penarth, took on 28-year-old Jaimie Warburton, from Caerphilly, after he struggled to find his vocation.

Now twelve months on, Jaimie is on the road to completing his apprenticeship and in the next few weeks he will become a fully-qualified web developer.

Skills and Science Minister Julie James met IT Pie apprentice Jaimie and the companies Creative Director, Aran Pitter.

Commenting on why an apprenticeship was the best route for him, Jaimie said:

The course has been absolutely brilliant. I have received so much support and guidance from my colleagues who have taught me all the technical terms and language. It's been great to be able to apply everything I'm learning at college to real-life situations every day.

I will finish my apprenticeship in September and become a fully-qualified web developer. I feel like my career is finally taking off.

I'd definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship. I didn't even think they were available in things like web design. I thought you had to go to university to work in web development and coding, but that's not the case. It's been a brilliant way of gaining hands-on practical experience as well as all the relevant skills and qualifications. For me, an apprenticeship is a quicker way to get straight into the job you want.

– Apprentice, Jaimie Warburton

Highlighting why apprenticeships work for IT Pie, Aran Pitter said:

Jaimie is an asset to IT Pie and has really hit the ground running. Over the last ten years we have taken on a number of apprentices and apart from one all of them continued to work for us after qualifying.

The great thing about taking on an apprentice is that you can take someone from ground level, mould their learning and development around the needs of the company and its clients and this not only supports business growth but it enables the apprentice to develop skills that are relevant to real-life.

– IT Pie Creative Director, Aran Pitter

Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James, added:

Apprenticeships are the start of an exciting and rewarding career and can benefit anyone of any age, giving them an opportunity to gain practical, on the job experience while gaining all the skills and qualifications they need.

– Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James

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