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Welsh parents reveal age expectations of childhood milestones

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Can you remember how old you were when you learned to tie your shoelaces, ride a bike and when you were allowed to walk home on your own?

Well parents in Wales have a very clear idea of when children should be allowed to, or should have achieved certain things, according to a survey by Nametags.

Here's what the survey found:

  • Start to get pocket money - aged nine
  • Put their own clothes in the washing machine - aged eight
  • Have Facebook - aged 14
  • Walk to school on their own - aged 12
  • Have their own mobile phone - aged 12
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The survey also highlighted some of the worries parents have about their children at particular ages.

Teaching youngsters the value of belongings and how to avoid loss are among the things that cause parents the most problems.

The survey also found that 70% of mothers and fathers believe privileges are granted too soon nowadays.

The survey just goes to show some of the many intricacies of being a parent. Of course, every child is different and may be able to do things or take on certain responsibilities later or earlier than our results show. However, it's fascinating to get some indication of when mums and dads will typically allow or expect their kids to do certain things.

– Lars B. Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags
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Other findings include:

  • WhatsApp and Snapchat accounts are permitted - aged 14
  • Friends are allowed over for sleepovers - aged 10
  • Children can stay up until 8pm at eight years old

We want to hear what age you think children should be allowed to have a mobile or stay up late?

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