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Pet owners warned over unrestrained dogs in cars

The Dogs Trust is calling for owners to restrain their dogs in the car. Credit: PA images

A dog charity is warning pet owners they could be breaking the law if their dogs are left unrestrained in the car.

Research by the Dogs Trust shows 14% of dog owners regularly travel with their dog unrestrained in the passenger seat and 9% even reach into the backseat to interact with their dog whilst at the wheel.

Their survey also found:

  • 90% of dogs have no formal training on how to behave in the car
  • 82% of people believe that having a dog in the car is dangerous
  • 85% believe their dog enjoys car journeys
82% of people believe that having a dog in the car is dangerous Credit: The Dogs Trust

The charity is now launching, 'The Houndway Code' to help raise awareness of safety while pets are in the car.

Dogs are such an important part of people's lives so it's understandable that owners want to take them out and about with them. However, our survey shows many people don't know the safest way to travel with their dogs and some are even unwittingly breaking the law by letting their dogs roam around the car whilst they are on the move.

– Dr Rachel Casey, Director of Canine Behaviour and Research for Dogs Trust