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Monster tuna weighing 500lbs found off Pembrokeshire coast

Andrew Alsop with the giant tuna he caught off the Pembrokeshre coast. Credit: Gavin Davies/Athena Pictures

A monstrous blue fin tuna, weighing more than 500lbs has been caught in Pembrokeshire.

The tuna, measuring 7ft 7inches and weighing 504lbs and was brought on board a charter craft, operating out of Neyland, while on a shark fishing expedition in the Celtic Deep.

Skipper Andrew Alsop fought the powerful giant for two hours and 15 minutes as the tuna towed the boat for two-and-half miles. Describing it as "the fish of a lifetime".

Andrew,48, said: "We've had Welsh shark fishing records off the boat, but this was actually the first time, in 20 years, that I was both the skipper and the angler."

The fish was caught 45 miles out at sea, and after plenty of photos was put back in the water.