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Dementia choir asks public to share their favourite song in new campaign

A charity bringing together people with dementia and their families in a choir is calling on the public to share their favourite songs in a new campaign.

The charity is launching the new campaign at the Wales Millennium Centre. Credit: PA

The Forget-me-not Chorus meets to sing and rehearse all over Cardiff to help empower people with dementia and their families to express themselves through music.

Now the charity is launching a project called #MySongMyStory and asking members of the public to share their favourite songs and stories via social media using the hashtag. The move has been supported by digital commissioning agency The Space.

The project is launching at the Wales Millenium Centre this weekend and will run unitl mid-October on the Glafa stage in an effort to encourage people to have a conversation about dementia.

At the launch, two Forget-me-not Chorus choirs of 40 or 50 choristers will sing five songs accompanied by a member of the WNO chorus and musicians.

We want to challenge people’s perceptions of dementia and invite conversations about the condition with those who aren’t necessarily affected by or involved in it.

It’s a community chat about raising awareness, about the joy of singing and about why song matters.

– Kate Woolveridge, Artistic Director, Forget-me-not Chorus

As part of the digital campaign, writer Patrick Jones has been working with the community choirs to turn songs and stories into poetry which will be shared.

The Wales Millenium Centre has worked in partnership with the choir since it's inception in 2010.

We believe that music and singing have the power to change people’s lives in so many ways and the work of the Forget-me-not Chorus captures this perfectly.

We are absolutely delighted to host the Forget-me-not Chorus performance alongside the opening of our Autumn season and know our audiences will be in for a real musical treat.

– Emma Flatley, Director of Partnerships and Engagement, WNO