Carwyn Jones to hail Labour unity after splits claim

Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn campaigning in 2017 General Election Photo: PA

Carwyn Jones is expected to focus on unity between Labour in Wales and at a UK level when he speaks to the party's conference in Brighton.

The First Minister and Welsh Labour leader is also expected to make a series of criticisms of the UK Government's Brexit approach, including the Prime Minister's Brexit speech in Florence, what he'll call 'the lost months of negotiation' and the effects of the Withdrawal Bill on devolution in Wales.

His hailing of Labour's party unity will be a direct response to accusations that during the election campaign Welsh Labour was attempting to distance itself from the UK party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He's expected to say,

Labour works best when we work together.

Together we fought a hugely successful General Election campaign – not just holding on to what we had, but winning back seats for Labour.

Working together we have exposed the Tories on broken promise after broken promise. On rail electrification in the north and the south – and we know what’s coming next – they’ll axe Swansea’s Tidal Lagoon.

But, because Welsh Labour is in Government – there are things we can do. We are already delivering on our promises we set out in May last year. 100,000 new good quality, all-age Apprenticeships; the most generous childcare offer for working parents anywhere in the UK; and, 20,000 more affordable homes.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

Labour has also frequently been criticised for sending mixed messages over Britain's future relationship with the European Union.

Senior figures within the party have sometimes seemed to be at odds with each other about what should happen after Brexit and that includes the two Labour leaders who've called for different levels of involvement with the single market.

But Carwyn Jones is expected to say any differences of emphasis shouldn't prevent the party uniting behind a common position.

And the country needs us to work together more than ever before, as we fight the fundamentalists pursuing a hard Brexit.

We are fighting tooth and nail against the Tory power-grab dressed up the EU Withdrawal Bill – it shows up their Government as simply incapable of listening to other people’s views or respecting their legitimate interests – in other words, as lacking the basic skills needed to negotiate successfully.

And looking at the way in which they are failing the country in their negotiations with the EU, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

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