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Llandudno celebrates launch of first ever all-weather lifeboat stationed in Wales

Credit: ITV Wales

Lifeboat crews at Llandudno are celebrating the arrival of a new all-weather lifeboat - the first of its kind to be stationed in Wales.

The £2.2 million Shannon class lifeboat is the first modern all-weather lifeboat to be propelled by water jets instead of traditional propellers - giving crews the ability to reach and help casualties faster.

This is an exciting new chapter for Llandudno RNLI and it's a great honour for all on board to be chosen and to be given the responsibility of bringing home our brand new all-weather lifeboat. Welcoming an all-weather lifeboat is always a big occasion for every coastal community.

– Graham Heritage, Coxswain of Llandudno lifeboat
Credit: ITV Wales

The Shannon class lifeboat was designed to replace the Mersey and Tyne class lifeboats.

Reaching top speeds of 25 knots, the Shannon is nearly 50 per cent faster than the Mersey, giving crews the ability to reach and assist casualties faster when time is of the essence.

The new lifeboat will replace the station's existing Mersey class lifeboat Andy Pearce, which is reaching the end of her operational life.