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Rhyl crime figures 'stand out like a beacon'

Credit: PA

By Ian Lang

Last week I interviewed the Chief Constable of North Wales, Mark Polin, following his meeting with Rhyl Town Council who'd raised concerns about a series of high profile crimes.

In the last 3 months, there have been 10 high profile incidents including a murder, stabbings and an axe attack

They wanted to know what the police were doing.

Mr Polin was adamant that Rhyl was not a town in crisis and did not have a particular problem with crime.

And if you look at the figures he has a case.

It suffers no more than many seaside towns around the UK with the same sort of difficult social challenges.

And the fact is many people who live there, love the place and a massive amount of work has been done to re-invent the resort.

But compared to the situation in the rest of North Wales, which is largely rural, with a happily low crime rate, the crime figures do stand out like a belisha beacon.

This, of course, doesn't help Rhyl's reputation, locally or nationally.

So. How do you solve this?

There is no one, easy fix, but I asked Mr Polin about the prospect of getting more police on the streets.

Frankly he wasn't able to hold out much hope, saying he'd lost thirty million pounds and 148 front line officers since 2010 because of the 'austerity pressures the country is facing.'

Its a scenario being dealt with by forces all around the UK.

Its both a local and a national problem.

But it makes the task of turning round Rhyl's rather battered reputation, so much harder.