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St Asaph bridge to be replaced to reduce flooding risk

Old Spring Bridge crosses the River Elwy. Photo: Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) says an important milestone is reached this week in the development of the St Asaph flood scheme, which will reduce the risk of flooding for people in more than 400 properties.

The old Spring Gardens Bridge, which partly obstructed the flow of the river Elwy in the flooding of November 2012, is being removed. It is being replaced with a new one, which is higher and wider.

St Asaph was flooded in November 2012. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Archive/PA Images

The work is expected to take three weeks.

Meanwhile NRW says work continues on new and raised defences through the city downstream of Lower Denbigh Road.

Replacing Spring Gardens Bridge marks an important milestone in the construction of the St Asaph flood scheme.

The scheme’s defences are due for completion before the winter, which will make a real difference to people living and working in the area.

While we can’t always prevent flooding from happening, we believe we have a robust scheme for St Asaph that will significantly reduce the risk and provide effective, long-term peace of mind for people in the city.

We’re very grateful to local residents for their support and we will keep everyone informed about the work along every step of the way.

– Keith Ivens, Natural Resources Wales