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Welsh Labour closer to Corbyn ahead of conference speech

Although he lost the election, the surge in Labour support has secured Jeremy Corbyn's position as leader of his party. Photo: PA
  • by Nick Powell

Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the end of the Labour conference will conclude a week in Brighton which has demonstrated that for now at least the party is united on his terms. Those in Welsh Labour who before the election thought their best plan was to avoid associating with the UK leader as far as possible are now much keener to get close to him.

Jeremy Corbyn pictured at work on his speech last night Credit: PA

They might not yet know what he's going to say but are looking forward to hearing him speak. They've already been encouraged by support for the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon from Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey. Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has contributed to a Welsh Labour party political broadcast, with a message highlighting several issues close to Welsh Labour's heart.

Hard working public servants in Wales [are] still being denied a decent pay rise by the Tories. And the UK Tory government is letting Wales down badly, failing to support projects like the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon and breaking their promise on rail electrification.

– Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP
At ease together, Jeremy Corbyn and Carwyn Jones in Brighton this week Credit: ITV News Adrian Masters

As well as squarely blaming the Westminster government for Cardiff Bay's inability to increase Welsh public sector pay, Mr Corbyn goes on to praise the Labour government under Carwyn Jones for showing that there is a "better way" than what Theresa May has to offer. It's all a long way from when the two men seemed to be fighting two separate election campaigns.