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The Welsh humanitarian helping thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar

Credit: PA Images

A Swansea humanitarian worker has told ITV News about the 'desperate' situation facing Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar in the wake of violence in the country.

Credit: Nizar Dahan

The UN has described the treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar as "ethnic cleansing" with more than half-a-million people fleeing across the border into Bangladesh in the wake of violence from nationalist militias.

Critics say Myanmar's government itself has stoked ethnic tensions which have seen ultra-nationalist Buddhist mobs surround many Muslim Rohingya villages.

The violence has driven the Rohingya to flee Buddhist-majority Myanmar, with many of them packed into existing camps or huddled in makeshift settlements that have mushroomed along roadsides and in open fields across Cox's Bazar district on the border with Bangladesh.

Credit: Nizar Dahan

Nizar Dahan is based on the border with the Human Relief Foundation and said over 20 thousand people entered Bangladesh in one day, with thousands more waiting in the Myanmar jungle as dozens of villages are burned down.

Many families have crossed the border - including women, children and the elderly Credit: Nizar Dahan

It's a mass exodus. Many many more are expecting to come.

Many of the people who are crossing are youngsters including women.

I just saw a baby who was born yesterday and the mother was carrying the baby in the blistering heat.

So many have no energy - they are so drained.

– Nizar Dahan, humanitarian worker
Credit: PA Images

Mr Dahan has helped deliver emergency aid to people including makeshift shelters, food and sanctuary, but said more help is needed to assist the thousands of people crossing the border every day.

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