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Hate crime increases in Wales

Hate crime rose 22 percent since last year. Credit: PA

Hate crime in Wales has increased by nearly a quarter in the last year.

2,941 hate crimes were reported across Wales in 2016/17 according to government figures, that's compared to 2,405 last year - a 22% rise.

The rise has been across all five strands; race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and transgender across all four Welsh police forces.

There was a significant rise around the time of the EU referendum.

Communities and Children Secretary, Carl Sargeant, says the Welsh Government are working to build communities where hate crime isn't 'tolerated'.

There is real concern amongst the Police, the third sector and other partners at the rising number of hate crimes committed last year. We have therefore been working closely with them to maximise the impact of our work and build communities where hate crime is not tolerated and victims are supported to the utmost.

Abuse or discrimination against people because of their race or faith, nationality, age, disability, sexuality, gender or gender identity, is wrong. Nobody should think that they have any license to abuse people. We continue to tackle this behaviour head on. Nobody should suffer hostility, bullying or prejudice. This is why we are taking a clear stand on this issue and why we must continue our work to counter hate and build cohesion in Wales.

– Carl Sargeant

The rise is thought to be due to an increase in incidents being reported. Between 2012 and 2015 only 48% of hate crime victims were reporting them.

You can view the full figures here.