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Welsh model jets off to the world's only hotel for plus-sized people

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Holly Macgillivray from Ruthin in Denbighshire is jetting off to an island in the heart of the Caribbean to stay in the world's only hotel that's been exclusively built for plus-sized people.

The 27-year-old, 20½-stone model is joining other Brits for the new ITV show, The 18 to 30 Stone Holiday.

The holiday is taking place at The Resort on the island of Eleuthera.

It may look like any normal hotel, but all the rooms have been altered to suit the fuller figure.

Each chair is almost a metre wide and can withstand more than 40 stone.

Doorways have been widened, and all the bed frames have been reinforced with two-inch steel bars.

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It's a sanctuary.

It's a place where you can come and have a good holiday without any judgement whatsoever.

– James King, Resort Owner
The cast of The 18-30 Stone Holiday Credit: ITV Pictures

My size has got me down and it still does sometimes.

Obviously, I portray and come across as a really confident lady, and I am 90% of the time, but just like anyone you always have your days when you feel down or you don't like what clothes you are wearing and you just can't leave the house.

– Holly Macgillivray
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I wanted to be on the show to help show people that you can be comfortable in your skin as a plus size person.

At a size 2/22 people just assume I am on a diet and want to lose weight when actually I'm happy with the way I look.

There are a million worse things to be than fat, I'd rather have two chins than two faces!

It is just our outer shell.

If I lose weight it will be to be fitter - not because I hate how I look.

Don't wait to do things when you've lost weight - embrace life now!

– Holly Macgillivray
Credit: ITV Pictures

The 18-30 Stone Holiday airs on ITV on October 24 at 9pm.