'We've had an amazing response!': £9,000 could help three toddlers with Down's Syndrome learn to talk

Jazmine, Sam and Gwilym are learning more with every new day.

Their mothers are good friends too - brought together by the shared experience of having a child with Down's Syndrome.

They're raising money to pay for private therapy to develop the children's speech.

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Physiotherapy has helped the children hit milestones like learning to walk.

But there are still challenges to overcome. Low muscle tone means talking is harder.

The Welsh Government says there are speech therapy services available on the NHS, but it's up to health boards to provide them.

I just want to make sure he gets the best start there is.

I want for him to reach his absolute full potential. And I truly believe he can do anything he wants.

– Kristin Birkett, Gwilym's mother

After hitting their crowdfunding target, the mothers hope to set up a charity to help other parents.