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Fly-tipping increase in council where bins could be collected monthly

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Fly-tipping had increased by a quarter in a county where wheelie bins may soon be emptied only every four weeks, Tories have warned.

They said Welsh Government figures showed recorded fly-tipping incidents in Conwy last year increased to 1,351 from 1,078, the highest since 2010/11.

Neighbouring Tory Welsh Assembly members, Janet Finch-Saunders and Darren Millar, have urged councillors to reject plans for monthly bin collections.

Mr Millar said :”We’ve just had the highest year of fly-tipping incidents since 2011, which makes these proposals all the more ludicrous.”

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Conwy council could soon become the first in Wales to remove non-recyclable waste monthly, saving £390,000 a year. A trial was introduced just over a year ago affecting 10,900 homes, and three-weekly collections were brought in for all other households.

According to the authority, recycling had increased by 14% in four-weekly collection areas and the amount of rubbish placed in wheelie bins reduced by almost a third, compared to 20% elsewhere in the county which includes towns such as Llandudno and Colwyn Bay.

There have been no significant issues with regards to side waste or fly-tipping, a council report maintains.