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Cardiff's Christmas tree replacement sparks social media debate

The artificial tree split opinions last year after being advertised as standing at 40 metres - but ended up only being 40 feet high. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Last year, Cardiff City Council came under fire for buying a controversial Christmas tree.

The £10,000-a-year tree attracted attention as far as America.

It prompted the council to get a real fir tree this year.

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This left locals wondering whether the council is still paying for last year's golden tree - as well as the new one.

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Cardiff City Council said the contract with MK Illuminations, who provided the artificial tree, is still in place.

It said the £10,000 allocation this year will be paying for the reindeer and the lights around the castle.

County Hall has confirmed a real Christmas tree has been sourced from within the UK is in place by the Castle. This tree has been funded by Sayers Amusements as part of the Winter Wonderland festive offering which they stage on behalf of the council.

A real tree is also in place by the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay and plans are in place for a further tree to be put up in Callaghan Square.

This entire cost has been offset by additional revenue received through our activity sites. The Council’s Christmas offer which includes the Christmas market, Winter Wonderland, the tree, festive lights and decorations across the city centre will be delivered at a net cost of £8,000 due to increased revenue from the activity sites.

– Spokesperson from Cardiff City Council