Swansea MP's bid for a second Brexit referendum

Geraint Davies will launch a new parliamentary bid for a referendum on the Brexit deal Credit: PA, Ben Birchall

A Welsh MP will make a fresh attempt to force the UK Government to hold a referendum on whatever Brexit deal is eventually reached.

Geraint Davies will publish a bill which would force a vote to be held which would include the option of remaining in the EU if voters reject the final exit deal.

It's the second time the Swansea West MP has tried to change the law to insist on a second referendum.

An earlier bill ran out of time when parliament was dissolved because of this year's snap General Election.

Speaking ahead of the publication, Geraint Davies said:

My Bill quite simply calls for voters to have a final say on the negotiated Exit Package. This gives us the option of reversing Article 50, stepping away from the precipice and remaining in the EU – an option that the author of Article 50 confirms is open to the UK.

The Bill is supported by MPs from Labour, the Lib Dems and the Green Party. As the Brexit negotiations break down, exposing more disunity at the heart of the Government, there is a growing appetite from MPs to give the people the final say. As the tide of public opinion turns, I am glad that an increasing number of MPs are supporting my calls for a referendum on the exit package, giving legitimacy and clear direction on the most important question facing our country in decades.

The public opted for Brexit in good faith based on the pledges made by the Leave Campaign. Now they find that instead of £350 million a week for the NHS and jobs assured by access to the Single Market they face a £49 billion divorce bill and uncertainty over trade and jobs. They have the right to judge whether the deal represents their reasonable expectations and to accept it or to reject it and maintain our status quo within the EU.

– Geraint Davies MP

The bill has support from Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat backbenchers but is unlikely to win enough backing from MPs to become law.