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Newport City Council urges Christmas shoppers to avoid fake goods

These fake designer goods were seized by the Border Force. Credit: PA

Trading Standards officers in Wales are warning against buying cheap fake goods for Christmas.

It might look like you're getting a bargain, but goods are likely to be of poor quality, and in the worst cases, unsafe.

Newport City Council and the Intellectual Property Office say the sale of counterfeit goods and services are damaging the local and national economy, costing millions of pounds each year.

of jobs could be at risk across the UK because of fake goods sales.

In the past year Trading Standards Officers at Newport City Council have dealt with hundreds of complaints about all types of goods including illegal media streaming devices, make-up, clothing, perfume, memory cards and bags.

These fake branded trainers have been confiscated. Credit: PA

What may appear as a bargain could end up costing people a lot more, maybe that cheap mobile phone charger you bought could cause a fire, risking the lives of your loved ones.

Or what about that cheap toy? Does that toy you are about to give to your child contain dangerous small parts or untested chemicals?

We would urge the public to think very carefully about buying so called bargains and only shop with genuine traders, many who have signed up to the council's Fake Free Newport campaign.

It is a constant battle fighting the flood of counterfeit goods in our city and we hope everyone will do their bit to help us catch these culprits.

– Cllr Truman