'The soul of the old town' - Llanelli's derelict Welsh language bookshop Siop y Werin faces demolition

A campaign is being run to save a well known building in the heart of Llanelli.

The former Siop Y Werin faces demolition as part of council plans to regenerate the town centre.

The local authority says the building, which has been derelict for years, is beyond repair.

As a council, we have aspirations to regenerate the town, so have been proactive in acquiring these properties to take control of the problem.

Wherever possible, we would seek to maintain buildings if they can be redeveloped and put into use to benefit the town, but these buildings are beyond repair and are structurally unsafe.

Demolition of these properties will be making way for future development opportunities and breathe new life back in to Llanelli town centre.

– Carmarthenshire County Council
Campaigners say the facade of the building should be saved