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Cardiff protesters call for more to be done to stop homelessness

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

A protest has been taking place in Cardiff, to highlight the plight of people living homeless in the capital.

It has been organised by the group Left Outside Alone.

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Demonstrators say not enough is being done to tackle the problem, as people face spending Christmas on the streets.

Homelessness is on the increase but nothing is getting done about it, so I want a peaceful gathering to show that more needs to be done and to show our anger of more student apartments going up in our city when we need more hostels and to make sure that today’s children won’t be tomorrow’s homeless.

– Left Outside Alone spokesperson
Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

This is a UK-Wide issue, which touches us all, and an issue which we are working hard to fix in our city.

At this moment we have enough spaces ready to accommodate people. In fact we have had available spaces throughout the year.

Some have blamed the Council for putting up student accommodation blocks in the city while people sleep on the streets – but they have to realise that these are private-sector, paid-for developments. They are not council developments.

However, we (the Council) have recently secured funding for a number of innovative housing projects to help address rough sleeping in the city. Work on these projects - which include creating homes from shipping containers - will begin soon.

– Cllr Lynda Thorne, Cardiff City Council