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Cardiff City fan is still cheering on his team after 85 years

Credit: Wales News Service

A 96-year-old man says he has been a dedicated Cardiff City football fan ever since he got a free ticket to watch them as a schoolboy in 1932.

Reg Walton even joined the squad in the 1950s as a player, but never made the first team.

Credit: Wales News Service

Reg has supported the Bluebirds throughout 42 different club managers.

He has seen them beat Real Madrid, as well as in FA and League Cup finals.

Reg still regularly goes to watch games with his family in Cardiff City stadium.

I started going down there as we were given free tickets if you played for your school team.

I was ten years old and I was able to go see Cardiff FC for free, something you wouldn't be able to do now.

– Reg

Reg started playing as a wing-half for Cardiff Corinthians FC up until WWII.

After the war his friend and Cardiff City defender Ken Hollyman asked him to join the Bluebirds squad.

I never made the first team but it was great and they played some good football in those days.

I used to get a couple of bob on the side and it was great fun going out and having a few drinks together.

– Reg

Reg used to attended matches with his late wife Sheila and now he watches the games with his daughter and her family.

Football is my life really and I love supporting Cardiff City.

My highlight has to be promotion to the Premiership a few years ago. It was a massive feeling of pride.

My favourite player was a winger called Reggie Pugh who played in the 1930s. He was outstanding and I have never forgotten him since.

– Reg
Credit: PA

Cardiff City FC have reached out to Reg ahead of their fixture with Sunderland on Saturday, when they hope to acknowledge his fantastic commitment to their Club ahead of kick off.

– Cardiff City spokesman