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Hundreds turn out for anti-racism march after neo-Nazi graffiti condemnation in Cardiff

Hundreds have turned out for the anti-racism march in Cardiff. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales/Paul Davies

Hundreds of anti-racism protesters marched through the centre of Cardiff on Saturday 17th of March to mark the United Nations' Anti-Racism Day.

It comes just over 24 hours after neo-Nazi posters and graffiti appeared in the Grange Gardens area of the city - leading to widespread condemnation from the community.

Organisers of today's event have told ITV Wales they increased their own security in light of the graffiti.

Cardiff Council were quick to have the graffiti and signs removed Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The signs - many of which contained the name of a banned far-right organisation - were removed within hours by the council yesterday.

South Wales Police said it was investigating the matter and that "the vandalism of public buildings with such abhorrent racist graffiti is totally unacceptable criminal behaviour and it will not be tolerated."

Meanwhile, the organisers of today's event still hope to get their message across in light of the recent rise in hate crimes.

In the year to March 2017 - over 60,000 race hate crimes have been reported to police across the UK but some organisations argue this figure is grossly underestimated.