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Police remind people to keep homes safe over Christmas

Police are reminding people to make sure their homes are safe and secure over Christmas.

South Wales Police say it's important to remain vigilant this time of year particularly as there has been a recent increase in burglaries across Cardiff:

"Cardiff is a safe city to live and work in. However, we have seen a recent increase in burglaries across the city and we are reminding homeowners that by introducing some basic home security measures they can help to deter would-be criminals from targeting their properties."

– Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jones, South Wales Police
Police are asking people to make sure their homes are safe Credit: PA

Advice includes:

  • Lock all doors and windows - even if you're only leaving home for a short time
  • Don't leave presents or valuables on display
  • Set your burglar alarm at night
  • Be aware of uninvited callers - check identities and if in doubt do not let them in
  • If you are going away over Christmas - be careful who you tell, consider who may have access to messages that you post on social media advertising that your homes will be empty

Experts also want people to be mindful of their friends and neighbours:

"We are also appealing for people to be watchful and look out for each other. If you see a neighbour's home which is insecure, please be a good neighbour and point it out to them, particularly if they are elderly or vulnerable... If you have any concerns or see people acting suspiciously please ring the police, we would much rather attend to address your concern than attend after a burglary has taken place."

– Chief Inspector Helen Summerfield, South Wales Police

Plaid Cymru: Wales' low-wage economy can be overturned

Plaid Cymru's Rhun ap Lorwerth AM has outlined how Wales' low-wage economy can be overturned.

Highlighting figures on average wages in Wales, Rhun ap Iorwerth said that Welsh wages were on average £2,000 lower per year than the rest of the UK.

The average weekly wage in Wales is £383.30 per week Credit: PA

He said employment levels in Wales matched UK average levels but jobs are generally of lower quality in Wales, resulting in lower wages.

The average weekly wage in Wales is £383.30 per week, compared to the UK average of £417.90.

We need to make sure that the Welsh workforce has the skills that business needs, so that we can begin to drive up Welsh wages.

That needs to start with education. We need to teach ourselves the skills that business wants, and to do that Plaid Cymru is working in partnership with industry to ensure that Welsh apprenticeships and skills training offer the skills they need.

The wage gap has grown because of a lack of investment in Wales by successive governments formed by London-based parties and it is high time that Wales took control the powers we need to create a thriving business environment, and quality well-paid work.

– Rhun ap Lorwerth AM, Plaid Cymru

The Welsh Government says it is continuing to work to close the historic wage gap by attracting investment, creating jobs and promoting economic growth.

"We are working closely with the business community to ensure that education in Wales provides young people with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Separately Professor Graham Donaldson is currently undertaking a wide-ranging independent review of curriculum and assessment arrangements to ensure learners gain the skills they need to succeed in a modern and quickly evolving world."

– Welsh Government


90-year-old woman in 'critical condition' following collision

A 90-year-old woman remains in a critical condition after being involved in a collision with a car yesterday evening.

It happened on Lavernock Road in Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan, between the junctions of Augusta Road and Forrest Road.

South Wales Police are looking to speak to anyone who might have seen the silver Peugeot car involved, or the woman herself, who was walking along Lavernock Road at around 5.10pm.

The International Space Station or Santa's sleigh? How to spot it in Wales

The International Space Station is due to pass over the UK on Christmas Eve, giving children a great opportunity to spot 'Santa's sleigh'.

The station will be visible at 5.22pm across the UK, but for varying lengths of time and at slightly differing angles.

The further north you are, the closer to the horizon it will be.

The International Space Station Credit: PA

Here is a guide on how long you will be able to see the ISS and where you can spot it in the sky (90 degrees is directly above you).

  • Aberystwyth: 4 minutes, at 46 degrees, 36 above WSW
  • Cardiff: 4 minutes, at 53 degrees, 32 above W
  • Denbigh: 4 minutes, at 39° degrees, 32 above WSW
  • Holyhead: 3 minutes, at 40 degrees, 37 above SW
  • Llandudno: 3 minutes, at 38 degrees, 36 above SW
  • Swansea: 4 minutes, at 53 degrees, 32 above W
  • Wrexham: 4 minutes, at 39 degrees, 33 above WSW


  1. Tom Sheldrick

Foster child wins acclaim for story of her struggles

A foster child from South Wales who wrote a short story based on her experiences of caring for her siblings and running away from home has won praise from leading author Jacqueline Wilson in a national competition.

Amber-Jade, who is 16, is now looking forward to Christmas with her foster carers in Bridgend.

Tom Sheldrick reports:

Average Christmas spend in Wales is almost £600

Today is the last full shopping day before Christmas, and it's also the busiest.

Figures show people in Wales plan to spend almost £600 on Christmas this year.

But around a third of us are worried about how we will afford it.

And three in ten of us will turn to credit cards to fund the festive season.

Our Business Correspondent Carole Green has been taking a look at this year's Christmas spend.

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