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Seal and her pup rescued after ending up at a nuclear power station

A grey seal and her pup have been released back into the wild after "taking a wrong turn" and finding themselves at Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey.

The RSPCA says seals can sometimes get dragged along by the strong currents created by the power station, slipping through the bars at the end of the sea pipe and end up in the cooling chambers.

“We managed to catch the mother and pup who were both healthy" said RSPCA animal collection officer William Galvin.

“We then went to Cemlyn Bay and released the seals. They had a quick sniff of each other and then they were off.”


Andrew RT Davies 'understands frustration and anger' over pay recommendation for AMs

The Welsh Conservatives' Assembly leader Andrew RT Davies says he can "fully understand" people reacting negatively to proposals from the Remuneration Board for AMs in the next Assembly to be paid £10,000 more.

But he stressed the independence of the board, and said members of the public should make their voices here in the consultation.

"We have no greater influence than any other member of the public over this board or its findings" he said.

Alun Davies 'embarrassed' by proposed pay increase for AMs

A £10,000 pay rise for Welsh Assembly members should be rejected - according to one AM.

The increase is being recommended by an independent panel, who say the pay rise reflects the increase in responsibilities as more power is devolved to Wales.

But speaking on Sharp End last night, AM Alun Davies said he was embarrassed by the offer.

"My personal feeling is an AM's salary should be linked to a particular grade in the civil service and that's it, we shouldn't be constantly reviewing our own salaries and allowances" he said.

White Ribbon Day march takes place in Cardiff

The day - part of an international campaign for the eradication of violence against women - will see a special service at Llandaff Cathedral this morning.

At least 100 men and woman are taking part in the White Ribbon Day march through Cardiff, ITV News reporter Tom Sheldrick says.


Families with disabled children struggle to make ends meet

Families with disabled children are having to go without food and heating due to the high costs of raising a disabled child and cuts in financial support.

That's according to a recent survey by the charity Contact a Family, which asked 210 families of disabled children about their financial situation.

More than half said they were worried about their finances, with forty percent saying they had been forced to take out a loan in the last year to pay for things like heating and food.

Contact a Family is now calling on the UK Government to make changes to the welfare system help families with childcare costs and utilities.

The Department for Work and Pensions say the are committed to supporting disabled people and their families, spending around £50bn a year on disabled people and their services.

"These money worries are putting huge emotional and mental strain on the families we work with. The impact is affecting their health, relationships and in some cases is making their child's condition worse.

– Richard Jones, Manager of Contact a Family Wales
families surveyed have extra costs relating to their child's disability of £300 every month Credit: PA

Candle lit service to mark White Ribbon Day

A candle lit service is being held at Llandaff Cathedral this morning to mark White Ribbon Day, a global campaign to end violence against women.

Groups from all over Cardiff will march to the cathedral to raise awareness and take a stand against the disproportionate level of violence suffered by women around the world.

Figures from The Home Office show a quarter of women in the UK will be a victim of domestic violence during their lifetime.

It comes as the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Bill which seeks to prevent violence against women continues to be debated in the Senedd.

The congregation will hear from victims of abuse Credit: PA

Cutting tourism VAT would create 'thousands' of jobs

A group has claimed cutting VAT on accommodation and attractions from 20% to 5% would create almost 6,000 jobs in Wales. The Cut Tourism VAT campaign also says the move would boost the Welsh economy by over £165m.

The campaign claims a cut in tourism VAT would have an 'immediate and positive' impact on the Welsh economy. Credit: PA

The campaign, which has cross-party support from nearly 100 MPs, is calling on the Chancellor to announce a VAT cut in the Autumn Statement and give regions outside of London more support.

Earlier this year Westminster's Welsh Affairs committee called on the UK Government to "review its policy on the VAT rate for the tourism industry, with the ultimate aim of reducing the current 20% rate".

Research from the campaign claims that promising to reduce VAT for the sector would have an immediate positive impact on the economy, as companies factor a reduction into their spending plans and begin the process of hiring and reinvesting.

"George Osborne has a fantastic opportunity in the Autumn Statement to unveil a tax cut that would create thousands of jobs, inject millions of pounds into regional economies outside of London, and even result in a fiscal surplus for the Treasury. What's more, many of the benefits would be felt as soon as a cut is announced. The Chancellor should listen to MPs, including the dozens in his own party, who are calling for change."

– Graham Wason, Chairman, Cut Tourism VAT campaign
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