Sharp End title

Sharp End

This week's programme looks ahead to Scotland's Independence referendum and the NATO summit in Newport

Sharp End title

Sharp End

This week the panel looks at tough times for the Lib Dems, the question of all-women shortlists and what it's like working for a politician

Candidates and supporters await the Wales result

What Wales' Euro vote means

Political Editor Adrian Masters' take on what the European election results mean for the Welsh political parties

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Sharp End Leaders Special

A special edition to mark 15 years since the first meeting of the Assembly. The leaders of the four political parties join Adrian Masters to discuss the past, present and future of devolution.

It's the first time Carwyn Jones, Andrew RT Davies, Leanne Wood and Kirsty Williams have debated together outside the Senedd Chamber.

Prevention over Cure: Are we changing our relationship with cancer?

Every week here in Wales 50 people are diagnosed with breast cancer alone, making it the most common type of cancer for women. The so-called celeb effect has made us more aware than ever before.

So, with a society calling for earlier diagnosis and PREVENTATIVE treatment - is our relationship with cancer in the midst of change?

Wales This Week follows 34 year-old Leanne Hugglestone as she undergoes a double mastectomy to prevent a recurrence of cancer.

Wales This Week: Mastectomy and Me - Tonight at 8pm ITV Cymru Wales

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