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American artist wins Cardiff's Artes Mundi Prize

An installation aiming to challenge "Western-centric" views on marginalised religions has been announced as the winner of the coveted Artes Mundi Prize in Cardiff.

Theaster Gates has funded urban regeneration projects by selling his works Credit: Museum Wales

An installation aiming to challenge "Western-centric" views on marginalised religions has been announced as the winner of the coveted Artes Mundi Prize.

A Complicated Relationship Between Heaven And Earth, or When We Believe (2014) sees its artist, the American Theaster Gates, win £40,000.

Established in 2002, Artes Mundi is an international arts organisation based in the Welsh capital.

Mr Gates' winning work includes a bull-sculpture based inspired by African rituals to deter bad spirits and a stuffed dead goat riding a tricycle around a circular track.

"The installation contemplates how objects have been used as signifiers of power - and perhaps re-opens them, to be real instruments of accessing belief."

– Theaster Gates, Artist

Officials say they the prize aims to support ground breaking international contemporary artists.

Finalists for Artes Mundi 6 will be displayed across three venues in south Wales - Cardiff's The National Museum of Art and Chapter - as well as ffotogallery in Penarth until February 22.

"Theaster's work stood out for its inspiring combination of historical research, visual art, performance and activism...We are pleased to announce him as the winner of Artes Mundi 6."

– JJ Ashworth, Artes Mundi Chair


Meet Florence and Glenys the UK's oldest twins

The pair were born in Abertridwr in 1911 Credit: Abermill Care Home

A pair of Welsh sisters have been crowned the UK's oldest living twins after celebrating their 103rd birthday together.

Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas were born on the 22nd November 1911 and grew up in Abertridwr.

The first identical twins to be born in the Aber Valley, they've spent most of their lives living next door to each other.

Now living at the Abermill Care Home in Caerphilly, the pair have five children, twelve grandchildren and nineteen great grandchildren.

Modern bridge allows historic entrance to Harlech Castle

An artist's impression of the project Credit: Cadw

A new bridge installed at Harlech Castle today will welcome visitors through the original entrance for the first time in 600 years.

The 'floating' structure will be craned into place, creating a link directly into the Castle Gatehouse.

It's all part of a larger project which will also see the transformation of the former Harlech Castle Hotel into a visitor centre, housing an an audio-visual experience and tearoom.

"The key purpose of this project has been to deliver the Welsh Government's vision of presenting the castle and its history in a way that does justice to its status as a World Heritage Site,"

– Ken Skate, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism
Visitors will access the original entrance for the first time in 600 years Credit: Cadw

The work has been funded through the Heritage Tourism Project, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and led by Cadw, the Welsh Government's historic environment service.

Cadw says it hopes the project will create a better visitor experience and bring increased tourism and economic benefits to the area.

Across Wales, historic sites and other attractions support more than 30,000 jobs and contribute more than £840 million the economy each year.

Harlech Castle was first built in 1283 Credit: Cadw


Appeal for mourners to attend RAF veteran's funeral

The RAF Association is appealing for mourners to attend the funeral of a veteran who died without any known family or friends.

Keith Ingham-Nutbrown passed away recently aged 83 at a care home in Llandudno, Conwy.

It's believed he served in Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka.

RAFA is encouraging anyone in the area to attend and pay their respects.

The service is being held on Tuesday at 2pm at the Chester Crematorium, Blacon Avenue, Chester.

RAFA is encouraging anyone in the area to attend to pay their respects Credit: RAF Association

Boot search for man with 'Britain's biggest feet'

A rugby player from Carmarthenshire, believed to have Britain's biggest feet, can no longer play the sport he loves - because he can't find boots big enough.

Carl, from Carmarthenshire, is thought to have Britain's biggest feet. Credit: Wales News Service

Twenty-two-year-old Carl Griffiths - who is also a towering 6ft 8in tall - has been forced to sit on the bench for his village rugby team after the boots he had been wearing fell apart.

Carl had been playing in size 18 boots - with his toes curled up at the end - for the past three years. But after keeping them stuck together with tape, they're no longer fit to play in.

Every sports firm Carl has spoken to have said they don't make or stock size 21 boots - and now he's appealing for help to find new boots that fit.

Carl's previous size 18 boots have fallen apart. Credit: Wales News Service

"When I'm out just because of not having shoes that fit, it's just really frustrating. I just want to play rugby...I've had some boots in size 18 and I wore them with my toes curled right up, but I broke a toe when someone stepped on it...I did get a quote from one company to specially make a pair but it would cost well over £300...I don't get a lot of answers from the big companies so I am hoping a smaller sports company can help me out."

– Carl Griffiths
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