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Browns 'top big butterfly hunt'

Gatekeeper butterfly Credit: Butterfly Conservation

The charity Butterfly Conservation says this year's Big Butterfly Count has seen an increase in brown coloured species.

The Meadow Brown was the most commonly seen species and the butterfly saw a 51% surge in numbers compared to last year’s Count.

The Gatekeeper remained stable in numbers and although the butterfly topped the 2014 Count, this time it was pushed into second place by the Meadow Brown. The Ringlet saw a 100% increase to secure third place.

Meadow Brown. Credit: Butterfly Conservation

The average number of individual butterflies seen per Count was 12, down 18% compared to last year.

The white butterflies all suffered big decreases, as did the Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock, both of which were only half as abundant in Wales this summer as in the previous one.

Top ten species ranking in Wales:

  • Meadow Brown 4,808 seen
  • Gatekeeper 3,777
  • Ringlet 1,755
  • Large White 1,646
  • Small White 1,310
  • Small Tortoiseshell 1,296
  • Peacock 1,044
  • Red Admiral 974
  • Six-spot Burnet 965
  • Speckled Wood 731



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