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Pizza hut poppy appeal takes some topping!

A former soldier has covered his pizza shop with hundreds of poppies - in his own takeaway version of the remembrance poppies at the Tower of London.

The poppy appeal popped up in Penarth for Remembrance Day. Credit: Wales News Service

Ex-commando Kevin Halborg asks each customer at his seaside pizza hut to make a donation to the poppy appeal. And now he has pinned more than 1,000 poppies to the outside walls in his own "war and pizza" tribute to the fallen.

We saw what was going on at the Tower of London and wanted to do our bit. Customers are happy to make a donation to the Poppy Appeal and then fix their own poppy on the outside. It looks tremendous - we want to plaster the outside by the weekend.

– Kevin Halborg

Kevin runs the Pizza Pronto hut at Penarth, near Cardiff, and reckons his poppy tribute will take some topping.


Shoplifter caught after leaving name and address

The blundering 35-year-old left his name and address at the supermarket from which he lifted goods. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

A blundering shoplifter was caught and fined - after accidentally leaving his name and address at the scene.

Damien Beckett, 35, fled Tesco with a haul of goods, but left behind a carrier bag containing documents.

Security staff looked inside and found papers bearing his name, address and date of birth.

A court heard police raided Beckett's home in Swansea and found shoplifted goods worth £56.57, which were returned to the supermarket.

Beckett, who is unemployed, admitted theft and was fined £40 by Brecon magistrates.

German language taught through dance at Monmouth school

Learning a modern language at school can stand you in good stead for any future career.

But the number of pupils studying languages like German is in decline in most schools across Wales. A teacher from Monmouth though has come up with an innovative idea to get more students excited about the subject.

Helen Smail is mixing German with Dance...and it's working. She's already won an award for her unique approach to teaching and she hopes to inspire more students to take up the subject. Alexandra Lodge reports:

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