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Weston portrait shows 'a strong and inspiring character'

Simon Weston's portrait goes on display at the National Portrait Gallery today.

"Nicky Philipps has created a powerful portrait of Simon Weston as a strong and inspiring character" said Sandy Nairne, director of the gallery.

The inclusion of Weston's cap and medals - including his OBE - is meant to reflect his military career and his charity work.


@itvwales @itvnews A remarkable man and I am always grateful for the personal call he made to me at my time of need. Bless you @simon_weston

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Narrow boat winched out of Bath canal

Workers from The Canal and River Trust are supervising the slow process of attaching a 30 metre winch to the narrow boat which became stuck in a lock on a canal near Bath.

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The boat capsized over the weekend after being hired by a stag party.


West Country (E)

Crane to remove capsized narrowboat today

The capsized narrowboat in Lock 11. Credit: ITV News/Robert Murphy

Attempts will be made today to move the narrowboat that has been blocking the Kennet and Avon Canal near Widcombe in Bath since Saturday.

Lock 11 has been closed since the barge capsized. The Canal and River Trust say a crane will begin work this morning. Three million litres of water will need to be drained.

Rare great spotted cuckoo attracts birdwatchers in Pembrokeshire

Birdwatchers have been descended on Penally, Pembrokeshire in the hope of spotting a great spotted cuckoo.

The bird is an extremely rare sight in the UK, preferring to inhabit southern parts of Europe, as well as Asia and Africa.

The last time the bird was seen in the UK was in Norfolk in 2009.

The bird has stayed in Pembrokeshire for a week Credit: Athena Picture Agency

This cuckoo has surprised experts by remaining in the area for nearly a week.

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Girl, 9, finds empty WWII mine on Pembrokeshire beach

An empty mine, believed to date from World War Two, has been found on the coast at Bullslaughter Bay in Pembrokeshire.

The discovery was made by nine-year-old Kallianne Davies, from Hundleton.

Father Gareth Davies posted the photos on his page Hidden Pembrokeshire

The mine is believed to have been uncovered by recent bad weather Credit: Gareth Davies

"We were on the beach on Sunday afternoon for a picnic and a look around the caves. As we walked across the beach, my nine-year-old daughter shouted that she'd spotted 'something round' - I instantly recognised it as a mine" said Gareth.

"The storms have taken a lot of the sand off the beach and we think that's what has uncovered it, along with it only being visible at low tide."

Milford Haven Coastguard said the incident was brought to their attention but as the discovery was on an MoD range they had no direct involvement.

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Gwynedd and Anglesey 'have some of the most peaceful neighbourhoods in the UK'

The Menai Bridge connects Anglesey with mainland Wales Credit: PA

Gwynedd and Anglesey appear to have amongst the most peaceful neighbourhoods in the UK, according to research by Churchill Home Insurance.

Both had a low number of statutory nuisance complaints per person, between January and September last year.

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Number of statutory nuisance complaints received (Number of statutory nuisance complaints per 1,000 residents).

Isles of Scilly - 0 (0)

Gwynedd - 69 (0.6)

Worcestershire - 334 (0.6)

Nottinghamshire - 750 (1)

Glasgow - 644 (1.1)

Peterborough - 217 (1.2)

Liverpool - 557 (12)

Sunderland - 378 (1.4)

Anglesey - 104 (1.5)

Amber Valley - 210 (1.7)

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