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Have you ever seen an elephant getting off a train?

It was a bit of surprise for these commuters back in the 60s when they spotted these elephants getting off a train at Cardiff.

These days circuses aren't as popular as they were when this footage was shot, but back in the 60s, companies like this arriving were the talk of the town.


£13,000 rugby rule book from 1851 was bought by Saracens chairman

It may not look like much, but this little book of rugby rules is quite special.

It dates from 1851, was found by chance, and fetched a far larger sum than expected when it was put up for auction.

Watch the report from James Crichton-Smith below:

It sold for £13,000 at auction in Cardiff, with the buyer revealed to be acting on behalf of Saracens chairman Nigel Wray.

The book is of significant importance with regards to rugby history and a precious record of the early laws of rugby football.

It is astonishing that it has survived and we were very keen to acquire it for the Priory Collection.

– Nigel Wray

Rugby rule book from 1851 sells at auction for £13,000

A pocket-sized piece of rugby history has sold for £13,000 at an auction in Cardiff.

The book is part of a specialist rugby sale called Sweat, Mud & Blood.

The rare rugby rule book, from 1851, attracted online bidders from around the world.

A personalised numberplate - '1 WRU' - failed to meet its reserve price and was not sold.


North Wales Police take on 'running man' dance challenge with hilarious video

North Wales Police have proven they've got a sense of humour - and some serious dance moves - by taking part in the internet craze known as the 'running man challenge'.

The craze started with a police force in New Zealand and has been taken up by other forces across the world. It requires the force in question to perform a dance move known as the 'running man' to a 90s pop song of their choice. North Wales Police went with Tom Jones, naturally. And the video takes a rather surreal turn...

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