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Pembrokeshire couple stumble across eight-foot long swordfish

An eight-foot long Swordfish, typically found in warm waters, has been found washed up on a west Wales beach.

Swordfish are rarely found in colder waters around the UK. Credit: Wales News Service

The fish, estimated to weigh up to 200lbs, was spotted by a couple walking their dog on Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire.

John and Helen Swancott were taking an early morning walk on the sand when their rescue dog Toby ran into the water.

I couldn't believe there was a swordfish in our waters, it was amazing. It must be about 8ft long and weigh between 150 and 200lbs. I should have stood there with a fishing rod and blagged it as the biggest fish caught in Fresh East this century and had a photo taken - I would have been pinched by all the local fishing clubs!

– John Swancott
John and Helen Swancott found the fish on their morning walk. Credit: Wales News Service

Swordfish are typically found in places like the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean.

It is extremely rare for them to be spotted near Britain where temperatures are much cooler.

'Cab for two please...I mean three!' Baby born in taxi

A Swansea taxi driver had a surprise passenger last week - a baby born in the back seat.

Credit: Adrian White

Steve Storton, 63, picked up expectant parents Kai Huang, 26 and Quix India, 25, from their home in Townill, Swansea.

Credit: Adrian White

"My wife started experiencing some painful contractions so we phoned the hospital and they told us to get her to the hospital immediately.

We then phoned a taxi and it arrived within five minutes.

The baby came really quickly and half way to the hospital the driver had to pull over as the baby was born before the ambulance arrived."

– Kai Huang, new father

Her partner Kai Huang helped her to give birth before Steve delivered the the 8lb 2oz baby and parents to Swansea's Singleton Hospital.

Credit: Adrian White

"I just couldn't look in the back of the car because I have a really weak stomach.

When we arrived at the hospital the midwife wrapped the baby in a warm blanket and cut the umbilical cord. It was just remarkable, like something you would see on an American film."

– Steve Storton, cab driver

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