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Mum thanks first date couple who saved her children after car burst into flames

A couple on their first date risked their lives to save a mother and two children from a flaming car.

A young mother's car exploded in flames Credit: Emma Whitfield

Emma Whitfield, 24, was driving along Caerphilly mountain last Saturday evening after visiting her parents in Cardiff when she heard a loud bang.

“The car in front of me slowed down and when I changed gear my car made a massive bang and I could see smoke coming from the bonnet.

“All I could do was move the car to the side of the road. But as I was undoing my seat belt a man came running towards the car screaming at me to get out.”

– Emma Whitfield

A minute later the car exploded in flames. Luckily, a couple on their first date ran over to help. Emma's three and four-year-old sons Jack and James were scooped from the back seats by Leighton Rowlands, 33, and Kate Williams, 28.

These people saved our lives. The couple who saved my boys were on their first date.

I couldn't thank them enough, they were just amazing and if they hadn't been there and hadn't helped me like they did we would have all died. The whole experience was so petrifying.

– Emma Whitfield

Emma found the couple after a Facebook appeal which was shared 4,000 times. Leighton said: "It was a date to remember. We were only too happy to help - just so glad everyone is OK."


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