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Police smash car window to rescue four dogs

Police have release a photo of car where they smashed in the driver's window to rescue four dogs that were suffering in the heat.

Credit: Gwent Police

This car may look like it’s been broken into but this window was smashed through yesterday by one of our officers after we received a call that 4 dogs had been left in this car in direct sunlight.

– Gwent Police

Officers found all four dogs panting in the car that was parked in Byefield Lane in Abergavenny in south Wales at around 2.15pm on Wednesday afternoon.

The RSPCA were called and authorisation was given "to put the window through".

All dogs are now safe and well and the owner has been given suitable advice. The RSPCA says it will now follow up with a prosecution.


Dolphins return to Cardigan Bay for summer

Marine charity Sea Watch Foundation says sightings of bottlenose dolphins in Ceredigion will increase 'week on week', as they return to the shelter of the area to protect their young.

Male and female bottlenose dolphins can live for more than 25 years Credit: Sea Watch Foundation

Cardigan Bay is famous for hosting one of Europe's largest semi-resident populations of bottlenose dolphins, one of the area's most important economic assets.

This winter also saw a more unusual visitor, in the shape of the short-beaked common dolphin. This type of species is usually seen in deeper waters such as in nearby Pembrokeshire.

Since it was first recorded, the charity has continued to receive reports from other local observers.

The common dolphin has been spotted in New Quay harbour numerous times Credit: Sea Watch Foundation/Ken Pilkinton

What will the common dolphin do when the bottlenose dolphins return, people ask me. The truth is we can't be sure! We would love to see this elegant and unusual New Quay resident spend its life in the bay, but there are high expectations that its larger cousins will not tolerate its presence. We'll have to wait and see.

– Kathy James, Sightings Officer, Sea Watch Foundation

Sea Watch Foundation monitors whales, dolphins and porpoises all over the UK.

'Puppy' found in city street turns out to be fox cub

A baby animal found shivering in a Cardiff street was handed over to animal rescuers who identified it as a fox cub.

Credit: RSPCA

The small fox had been wrapped in a towel after it was found on Samuels Crescent in the Whitchurch area.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Sian Burton said, “The callers said they had found a small animal but did not know what it was. They thought it might have been a puppy but the legs were too short.”

Credit: RSPCA

“He was freezing, crying and skin had come off his tail,” she added. “He still had his eyes closed so must be under 10 days old.”

The fox was taken to a veterinary surgery to get warmed up and is now at a wildlife centre being hand reared.


Rare bird found in Porth nursed back to health

The Goshawk was found in January. Credit: RSPCA

A rare goshawk that fractured her wing has been nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

The female goshawk, who is thought to be around one-year-old, was found with a broken wing by a member of the public in Porth Park, Porth, Rhondda Cynon Taf, in mid-January.

After two months in the care of RSPCA West Hatch and time in the centre’s flight aviary building up her strength she has now been released back into the wild.

She is a beautiful bird and we rarely see them admitted to the centre and we are all very pleased we have been able to nurse her back to health and release her back into the wild where she belongs.

The goshawk was brought in to us with a damaged wing - but we had no idea how she had fractured it.

Her wing carriage took several weeks to return to normal - but we have a very long flight aviary at West Hatch in which she was able to get back to full fitness.

Our vet team strapped her wing up and prescribed rest for this beautiful and powerful bird of prey until the bone had healed and she was ready to build her strength back up in our aviaries.

– Arminel Scott, RSPCA Wildlife Supervisor

Reports of 'dangerous dog' on the loose at seaside

Bridgend County Council says it's received reports that a "potentially dangerous dog" may have been abandoned in the Rest Bay area at Porthcawl.

Credit: PA

The council says it's currently looking for the animal, which is believed to be a Rottweiler.

A local resident told the council he saw the occupants of car abandon a very large Rottweiler which tried to attack his own dog at the nearby golf course.

The man said the dog was injured with what appeared to be a missing ear and lip. It was last seen near the Kenfig Ponds Nature Reserve.

Anyone seeing the dog is asked to call the council on 01656 643643 or South Wales Police who say they are aware of the reports and there is a police team in the area.

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