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Injured dog rescued by RNLI after falling from New Quay cliff

A lifeboat was launched yesterday afternoon after a dog had fallen from a cliff at New Quay.

The RNLI released footage of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dog, which seemed to have an injured paw, being rescued by the RNLI team from the foot of the cliff.

The dog was then taken back to New Quay harbour and reunited with its grateful owners.

Watch the video of the rescue:


Two new recruits for North Wales Police

Diesel (left) is ten weeks old. Luna is eight weeks old. Credit: North Wales Police

North Wales Police have welcomed two new puppies to the force Dog section.

Diesel was also bred in Scotland specifically for police work.

His name was chosen by fans of the North Wales Police K9 Cops Facebook page and has been named after the police dog who died during the recent terror attacks in Paris.

Luna, named after a Harry Potter character ,joins the North Wales Police Dog Section which currently has 17 dogs.

Welsh farmers to attempt British record for sheep-shearing

A sheep-shearing duo will attempt to set a new British record later today, for shearing as many lambs as possible in nine hours.

Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

33-year-old Gareth Jones, from Penegoes, and 36-year-old Ian Jones, from Hundred House, will work in tandem throughout the day following months of practise and preparation.

The British Wool Marketing Board says record attempts are "hugely important" to the wool industry.

Not only do they highlight the highly skilled individuals that are driving the industry forward, they also help to promote the quality of British wool to a wider audience.

– British Wool Marketing Board Chairman, Ian Buchanan

Dog mistakes buoy for ball: Holyhead rescue follows

Ollie is no worse off after his ordeal. Credit: Gwen Scott

Ollie the dog's passion for chasing balls ended with him needing rescue by the RNLI.

He and his owner had been out for a walk on a spot known locally as Rocky Coast about a mile west of Holyhead RNLI lifeboat station.

He had been chasing a ball and mistook a lobster pot buoy for a ball and swam out to try and retrieve it but got his chest harness and collar stuck.

Holyhead RNLI’s volunteer inshore lifeboat crew found the dog, which had been stuck on the buoy for about 20 minutes, tired and beginning to struggle to keep his head above water.

As the lifeboat approached Ollie, he turned his head to face the boat, which freed him from the buoy and despite being tired he was able to swim back to shore, under a watchful escort from the lifeboat crew.


Seagull turns orange after close encounter with curry

The seagull was rescued from the Newport area last week. Credit: RSPCA Cymru

A seagull had to be rescued after falling into a vat of cold curry in Newport.

RSPCA Cymru says officers are unsure whether the gull was trying to eat the curry or fell in by accident, but either way its feathers ended up a bright orange hue.

We get many calls about injured gulls - especially at this time of year - but this one that was a bit more usual than the norm.

He must have had a shock when he fell in the curry. We have no idea if it flew in because it was hungry or if he fell in by accident...He's uninjured and just needed a good clean.

– RSCPA animal welfare officer Sian Burton

The gull was rescued last week and the charity says that after a good wash, it's returned to its natural colour and is recovering at a rehabilitation centre near Tewkesbury.

Dyfed Powys Police warning to dog owners

Credit: PA

Police are warning dog owners to keep their pets under control whether at home or out in public.

The warning from Dyfed-Powys Police comes after what they say is a notable increase in reports of incidents involving dogs in Powys in the last few months.

The force says any dog of any breed or type can be considered dangerous in any place if it is not kept under control. The dog doesn’t have to bite anyone, it could just show aggressive behaviour that makes someone feel in fear for their safety.

To avoid further increase in such incidents, officers urge owners to be extra vigilant when taking their dogs for walks in public areas and to ensure that the dogs are secure when at home.

Number of incidents:

  • April: 4
  • May: 15
  • June:10
  • July: 6

I urge anyone walking their dog to be mindful and take appropriate precautions - such as keeping them on a lead. It is also important that dogs are kept secure when at home to prevent any incidents.

While there are precautions that can be taken to keep dogs under control, there are also consequences for those dogs that become a danger to the public and we will enforce where necessary.

– Sergeant Keith Gibby, Dog Section

Husky dog stolen from owner while out walking

Police say a dog has been stolen from its owner while the two of them were out walking.

Kida, a grey and white husky, which was stolen from its owner. Credit: Gwent Police

Gwent Police says the incident happened at 10.30pm on Friday 29th July.

The woman was walking the 14 week-old grey and white husky called Kida near the skate park in Nelson, five miles north of Caerphilly.

The dog has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101.

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