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'Be vigilant' warning for Blackwood cat owners after suspected poisoning

Abel and his brother Opie.

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a suspected cat poisoning in Blackwood.

Abel the white-and-grey tabby cat returned to his Penywelod Road home in Markham on Sunday and by the next day he was dragging his back leg and was being sick.

His owner Charlotte Postians took the one year-old straight to her vet and blood tests were carried out. He had to be put to sleep.

Our thoughts are with Abel’s owner who is devastated to have lost her cat in this way.

We don’t know whether this was accidental or deliberate or who may have done it. We are appealing for information to try and find out what happened.

We’re also calling on all cat owners in the Blackwood area to be vigilant and to take their cat to a vets straight away if they suspect they have been poisoned

– Izzi Hignell, RSPCA inspector


'Distressed' birds rescued after being blown off course

Two sea birds have been rescued from a Ceredigion village after being blown off course.

The Manx shearwaters were found in a distressed state at a pub in Tresaith following recent stormy weather.

The RSPCA took them to Gower Bird Hospital for assessment and rehabilitation.

Manx shearwaters are often blown off course by strong winds. Credit: RSPCA

The charity has received several call-outs recently about the welfare of Manx shearwaters, which they say is due to the time of year.

In 2011, more than 500 juvenile Manx shearwaters were rescued from the surf in Newgale and from gardens in Pembrokeshire after they were blown off course by 44mph winds.

Pembrokeshire couple stumble across eight-foot long swordfish

An eight-foot long Swordfish, typically found in warm waters, has been found washed up on a west Wales beach.

Swordfish are rarely found in colder waters around the UK. Credit: Wales News Service

The fish, estimated to weigh up to 200lbs, was spotted by a couple walking their dog on Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire.

John and Helen Swancott were taking an early morning walk on the sand when their rescue dog Toby ran into the water.

I couldn't believe there was a swordfish in our waters, it was amazing. It must be about 8ft long and weigh between 150 and 200lbs. I should have stood there with a fishing rod and blagged it as the biggest fish caught in Fresh East this century and had a photo taken - I would have been pinched by all the local fishing clubs!

– John Swancott
John and Helen Swancott found the fish on their morning walk. Credit: Wales News Service

Swordfish are typically found in places like the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean.

It is extremely rare for them to be spotted near Britain where temperatures are much cooler.


'Electric' sheep used to find the ideal Welsh weather

"Electric" sheep have been stationed in a field in north Wales in an attempt to discover the best weather conditions for animals.

It's hoped the electric sheep (not pictured) will help farmers to improve the welfare and productivity of flocks like this one Credit: PA

The two fake ewes are complete with thick fleeces, ear tags, woolly tails and hi-tech fittings. It's part of a study to find out how farmers can improve the welfare and productivity of their flocks.

The electric sheep have a battery-operated heating system which stimulates the heat produced by a live animal.

By measuring the difference between internal and external temperature, researchers hope to discover how much energy the sheep loses by dealing with the weather.

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