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Reports of 'dangerous dog' on the loose at seaside

Bridgend County Council says it's received reports that a "potentially dangerous dog" may have been abandoned in the Rest Bay area at Porthcawl.

Credit: PA

The council says it's currently looking for the animal, which is believed to be a Rottweiler.

A local resident told the council he saw the occupants of car abandon a very large Rottweiler which tried to attack his own dog at the nearby golf course.

The man said the dog was injured with what appeared to be a missing ear and lip. It was last seen near the Kenfig Ponds Nature Reserve.

Anyone seeing the dog is asked to call the council on 01656 643643 or South Wales Police who say they are aware of the reports and there is a police team in the area.


RSPCA appeal after cat shot by pellet gun in Wrexham

The RSPCA are appealing for information after a cat rescued by the charity - and adopted by the inspector who found him - was shot with with a pellet gun.

Ossy is recovering from his injury at home. Credit: RSPCA

Ossy was adopted by RSPCA inspector Tim Jones after being found as an emaciated kitten in Wrexham last year.

But on Saturday he was rushed to the vets after returning home limping, where it was discovered he'd been shot with an air gun pellet that had passed through his body and cracked his femur.

It's thought that the incident happened around the Pant Olwen or Pant Lane area of Gresford in Wrexham.

Anyone who may have information about this incident should contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

“Ossy has been our pet ever since we rescued him and has now grown and has become part of the family...We are just hoping he is going to get better,” he added...This has highlighted the suffering that one person with an air weapon can cause"

– Tim Jones, RSCPA Inspector


Lost snake found in road - RSPCA appeal to owners

Credit: RSPCA

A snake has been found in Llanblethian, Cowbridge. The corn snake was discovered at Factory Road on Saturday by a member of the public.

RSPCA inspector Selina Chan said, “We are appealing for information to try and track down its owner. We have no idea how the snake got there. The snake may have escaped from a nearby house, could have been dumped or even washed down the river.”

Puppies dumped in Flintshire bin 'doing well' in RSPCA care

Eight puppies, found abandoned in a bin in Flintshire last week, are said to be doing well in RSPCA care.

The puppies are being bottle fed around every two hours. Credit: RSPCA

The puppies were found in a black rubbish bin by children on Chester Road East in Deeside on Thursday, before they were collected by the animal charity.

Some of the puppies - three male and five female - were so young they still had their umbilical cords attached. It's still unknown what breed they are.

“They seem to be coping really well, so we are really pleased...They are growing and changing daily. They are being fed every two and a half to three hours. They were around 200 grams but they have put on weight and are now around 600 grams each.”

– Abbie Griffith, RSPCA animal care assistant
The puppies don’t yet have their eyes open or hearing Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA inspector Tim Jones, who collected the puppies from the rubbish bin, said the appeal for information still stands.

“Anyone who may have information about this incident should contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018. Calls are treated in confidence...This is just another shocking and unnecessary case of abandonment and animals just being treated as rubbish. If they had not been found they would have died a long and painful death.”

– Tim Jones, RSPCA inspector
The puppies are getting more and more active now and are doing well. Credit: RSPCA
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