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Welsh Government urged to spend extra on health

The Welsh Secretary says people in Wales will be 'baffled, bemused and hugely disappointed' if an extra £71.5m isn't spent on the health service. The money was announced as a result of new spending on the NHS in England.

During Welsh Questions, Stephen Crabb, was asked by Glyn Davies MP if the money should be spent in the same way in Wales.


Energy Secretary: UK Gov 'serious' about tidal power

Energy Secretary Ed Davey says the UK Government is "serious" about tidal power after announcing it was starting in-depth talks over Swansea Lagoon plans.

Tidal energy is a huge opportunity for Britain. Tidal lagoons alone could provide up to 8% of our power needs, replacing foreign fossil fuels with clean, reliable home-grown electricity.

That's why we're showing investors and developers that we're serious about tidal lagoon potential and have started in-depth discussions for what could become the world's first tidal lagoon.

– Ed Davey, Energy Secretary

Welsh Secretary welcomes tidal lagoon talks

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has welcomed the decision to hold more talks with the company planning to build a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay:

This is great news for Wales and has the potential to provide a massive boost to the Welsh economy - creating thousands of jobs, attracting millions of pounds worth of investment and helping to secure Wales's energy future.

Wales is already home to some of the most cutting edge companies in the world and the country is uniquely placed to pioneer tidal power.

I am a strong supporter of this project and I have long been making the case to my Cabinet colleagues that Welsh innovation should be supporting the next generation of low-carbon technology.

– Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales


Government to enter talks over Swansea Lagoon plans

An artist's impression of the lagoon. Credit: Artist's impression

Hopes have been raised that an innovative renewable energy scheme harnessing the tides could get the go-ahead, after the Government announced it was starting in-depth discussions on the project.

The Treasury has announced it will start closer discussions with Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd, the company which is aiming to build the world's first tidal lagoon power plant in Swansea Bay, to see if it is affordable and value for money for consumers.

An artist's impression of the lagoon wall. Credit: Artist's impression

The developers of the £750-850 million project have said their application is the first step to developing lagoon technology that could meet 10% of the UK's electricity needs from the tides.

If it goes ahead, the scheme would involve a six-mile (9.5km) wall built around Swansea Bay, creating a lagoon in the Severn Estuary with turbines that can harness the incoming and outgoing tides to generate power 14 hours a day.

But those against the plans are concerned the structure would damage Swansea Bay's image and tourism industry, with some labelling it "catastrophic".

Welsh honey bees' 'good crop for 2014'

Credit: Henning Kaiser/DPA/PA Images

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) says better weather and better beekeeping have upped honey production

It says beekeepers across Wales have reported an average yield of 26lbs of honey per colony this year according to the annual Honey Survey.

That's an increase of almost a fifth on the 22lbs per colony reported by beekeepers in Wales in 2013, and is a far cry from the 10lbs per colony in 2012.

Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/PA Images

Conducted by BBKA amongst 2,000 beekeepers across the UK, the annual Honey Survey explores the current year’s honey yield and the factors affecting honey bee colonies and honey production. It shows a rise in British production.

While this increase is great news for beekeepers and honey bees, the historic average is 40lbs plus per hive so there is still some way to go if we are to return to our most productive....

– Tim Lovett, BBKA Director of Public Affairs
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