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China's steel production is 'unsustainable'

China's steel production is 'unsustainable', an expert has told ITV News.

Steel has driven China's industrial revolution but the economy is slowing and China's appetite for steel has waned.

Global demand may have fallen but China's factories are producing steel in record quantities. Prices have collapsed and the effect is being felt in Wales.

China strategist Andrew Leung said: "The whole thing is unsustainable. If you look at the prices and the input that steel can make... Manufacturing is now geared towards more innovation and high quality manufacturing that doesn't necessarily depend on steel."

ITV News Business Correspondent Joel Hills reports:


Tata workers wait for news on which jobs are at risk

Workers at Tata Steel will have to wait a couple of weeks before they know which jobs are at threat, a union says.

Alan Coombs, from the Community union, told ITV News that more needs to be done to stop imports of cheap steel and action needs to be taken to create an strategy for the steel industry.

It is a sad day. We've known it's been coming a while, but to see the figures in black and white is a bit sobering. It's going to be difficult now as we get into the detail to find out what it actually means out on plant. We started a consultation today and over the next couple of week's we'll be getting down to the nitty gritty of what positions and who's actually under threat.

– Alan Coombs, Community Union


Economy Minister says focus needs to be on workers

Economy Minister Edwina Hart says that while today is a 'tragic day' for workers at Tata's Port Talbot site, it's important to recognise that the plant is not closing.

She described the announcement that 750 jobs will go as a 'real wake up call' about steel production in the UK. The minister said Tata has made a lot of investment in south Wales, but it's a global company dealing with a global market. The priority now, she said, is to support the workers affected.

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Tata Steel job losses 'very sad news', says Cameron

The Prime Minister has said the announcement of more jobs losses at Tata Steel is "very sad news".

David Cameron said the Government will work with Tata to get people the help they need and continue to do everything it can to support the steel industry.

"I want to have a strong British steel industry at the heart of our important manufacturing base," he said.

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