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Airbus hands over first A350 XWB airliner

Airbus has handed over its first A350 airliner, the first of a new generation of wide-bodied planes.

The Airbus factory at Broughton, Flintshire was involved in making the wings.

Powered by Rolls-Royce engines, the Airbus A350 XWB (extra wide-bodied) was handed over today to Middle East carrier Qatar Airways.

An Airbus A350 XWB in flight

The aircraft's wings and fuselage are made from carbon fibre.

Airbus claims the design sets "new standards in terms of passenger comfort, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness".

Welsh Secretary supports income tax referendum

The people of Wales should get a referendum on devolving further income tax raising powers - that's according to the Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb. He says the Scots got the option, and so should we.

"The people of Scotland had that specific question put to them they were able to answer it. So I still think that the people of Wales deserve to be asked that and they should be the ones dictating the pace of devolution not any politicians."

– Stephen Crabb MP, Welsh Secretary


Cardiff Airport flights affected by London air chaos

Passengers in London have faced long delays Credit: PA

Some flights going in and out of Cardiff Airport have been delayed because of air control issues in London.

A power outage has had a knock on effect for airports across the country, forcing passengers to face lengthy delays.

Arrivals and departures at Cardiff Airport have both been effected.

Earlier today, a spokesperson from Cardiff Airport said they were unable to confirm whether their passengers would be affected and urged people to check in as normal.

Cardiff Airport urges passengers to check in as normal after London airspace restrictions

A spokesperson for Cardiff Airport says they can't confirm whether its flights will be disrupted as a result of the restrictions in place in the London area.

Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A computer failure at the southern England headquarters of air traffic control company Nats has thrown flights into chaos at London airports.

"Air traffic control issues in Swanwick is affecting some UK flights.

It's a fluid situation - our advice is to check Cardiff AIrport's website, check in as normal and call the airline if you have any concerns or questions."

– Cardiff Airport spokesperson

Welsh Government: Mabey Bridge closures 'disappointing'

Mabey Bridge opened its Chepstow in 2011. Credit: ITV Wales

The Welsh Government has described the proposed closure of a site at a Chepstow engineering firm as 'disappointing'.

Mabey Bridge announced the planned closure of its infrastructure site on Station Road, Chepstow and the sale of it's renewable energy site in Mathern, Chepstow, putting 330 jobs at risk.

This is very disappointing news and our thoughts are with those affected. We will be working with the company to explore ways to assist in the sale of the Newhouse facility to safeguard as many jobs as possible in Wales and to support those employees affected by the closure into retraining or other jobs.

– Spokesperson, Welsh government


Welsh economy has lowest GVA per head of any part of the UK

Wales is the the worst performing part of the UK in terms of money pumped into its economy.

The gross value added statistics show the value of wages and profits from goods and services.

Wales had the UK's lowest GVA per head at just under £17,000 in 2013.

London had the highest at just over £40,000, but Wales and north west England showed the biggest growth.

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