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Asda slash petrol prices to less than £1 per litre

Petrol prices slashed at Asda Credit: Nick Ansell/PA

Asda has slashed the price of unleaded petrol to less than £1 at its supermarket filling stations across the country.

The supermarket are knocking four pence off a litre of fuel across 277 petrol stations for three days, meaning drivers can expect to pay 99.7p per litre on unleaded and 103.7p per litre on diesel.

The fuel price drop came as the supermarket announced it was not taking part in Britain's 'Black Friday' discount day.

Shopping today? Five Black Friday facts to keep you entertained in the queues

This year's Black Friday is expected to generate over £1 Billion in online sales in the UK.

The queue outside the Tesco in Cardiff before the doors opened on Black Friday. Credit: PA

Retailers made cut-price deals available online from midnight and many spent the night preparing to open their doors early to customers.

But what is 'Black Friday' and how did the American tradition make its way over the pond?

Here are five facts about the 'bargain holiday':

  • The term 'Black Friday' was originally used to refer to a US stock market crisis in the 1800s.
  • In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the day after Thanksgiving grew to become the day the Christmas shopping season officially started in America. This was encouraged by department stores who sponsored Thanksgiving Day parades to push their advertising just before Christmas. It's thought that it became an unwritten rule that no shop would advertise for Christmas before the parade was over.
  • One of the UK's first black Friday events took place in 2003 in a Currys store in London.
  • Police were called to stores across the UK to deal with crowd control, violence and traffic issues during Black Friday sales in 2014.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it's not generally the busiest shopping day of the year. That's usually the last Saturday before Christmas.

Water supplies to 'return to normal this morning'

Credit: Welsh Water

Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water says a damaged trunk water main at Cross Keys was repaired over night.

Customers in Abercarn, Cross Keys, Ynysddu and surrounding areas have been affected since the incident on Wednesday.

The main that was damaged is a large, very high pressure water main therefore refilling the network has had to be done carefully as refilling too quickly could have damaged the pipe and caused further bursts. Please be assured that both the safety of our people and the needs of our customers remain our key priority.

We will continue to tanker water into the network until the levels in the network return to normal.

Supplies should be returning to normal this morning however some customers may experience an intermittent water supply, low water pressure or some slight discoloration until the main is fully recharged. Any discoloration should clear within a short period of time.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused and again thank customers for bearing with us.

– Dwr Cymru/ Welsh Water


'First ever' Christmas lights untangler employed

Credit: Wales News

A young woman has beaten more than 100 people chasing Britain's "first ever" job dedicated to untangling Christmas lights.

21 year-old Anya Mugridge landed the four-week seasonal job at a Tesco store in Wrexham, north Wales - by showing her nimble fingers to sort out a mess of festive wires.

She was chosen for her skills as special person to "relieve some of the stresses often associated with the Yuletide season, specifically, tangled tree lights".

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and at home it's always me that gets to put up the lights, so I've definitely got the right experience for the job.

Untangling Christmas tree lights can be frustrating but I find listening to music and having a cuppa gets me into the right frame of mind.

I'm really looking forward to helping people with one of the more tricky jobs this Christmas.

– Anya Mudridge, Untangler

Engineers battle to restore water supplies

Credit: Welsh Water

Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water says it's working to restore supplies to communities cut off by a water leak.

It's affecting households and businesses in Abercarn, Cross Keys, Ynysddu and surrounding areas.

The company says its engineers worked throughout the night to fix the problem. It says it's a large, very high pressure water main and a significant amount of water was lost through the damage.

It says it anticipates that water supplies should begin to return during the course of the day however some customers may experience intermittent supplies as work to repair the pipe continues.

It's apologising for the inconvenience.

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