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Tesco: Stores now 'trading normally' after Black Friday rush

Tesco have said their stores are now "trading normally" after a Black Friday rush that saw police called to help control crowds of bargain-hungry shoppers.

The supermarket said in a statement: "Over 600 Tesco stores have Black Friday offers available in store."

"In the interest of customer safety a small number of these stores contacted police last night to help control crowds safely and stores are now trading normally."

Police were called to this Tesco store in north London. Credit: ITV News

A source at the company said they had taken on board complaints from police about improving in-store security.

"We will work with them following this event to make any improvements for next year," the source said.


Police called to 'disorder' at Tesco in Newport

Police were called to a Tesco Extra store in Newport at just after midnight to deal with 'disorder' among Black Friday bargain-hunters.

The 'disorder' happened at Tesco Extra at Newport Retail Park, Spytty. Credit: Google Street View

Gwent Police says the situation, at the Newport Retail Park store, was calmed down by officers and Tesco staff. No offences were recorded.

Video: Chaos at midnight in Tesco as Black Friday begins

This video shows hundreds of shoppers in a packed Tesco Extra store in Cardiff just after midnight as 'Black Friday' got underway.

Many were struggling through the crowds with 50-inch discounted televisions, trying to grab a bargain amid the chaos.

Video from Matthew Horwood

Photos: Police called to 'Black Friday' frenzy at Tesco

'Black Friday' scenes at Tesco Extra in Cardiff. Credit: Matthew Horwood

Police were called to a Tesco Extra store on Excelsior Road in Cardiff last night when concerns were raised about customer conduct inside the store during 'Black Friday'.

Police were called due to concerns over the number of people in store. Credit: Matthew Horwood

Some shoppers had been waiting outside the store from 6pm until 12.01am in the hope of finding a bargain.

No arrests were made.

Hundreds of shoppers were at Tesco Extra for midnight. Credit: Matthew Horwood


Welsh retailers welcome 'Black Friday' rush

The festive shopping season starts today with retailers across Wales expecting thousands of shoppers on what is known as 'Black Friday'.

Originally imported from America, the term refers to the day when shops see a rush in the run up to Christmas and offer big discounts and deals.

Last year, Black Friday was the second busiest spending day in the entire year, with shoppers parting with more than £200 million.

Shopping centres across Wales are expecting record numbers Credit: PA

Police called out as sales get underway

Police were called to a number of Tesco stores across south Wales last night after staff became concerned by the number of people who had turned up to sales events.

Police were twice called the Tesco store on Excelsior Road in Cardiff after midnight. Credit: Bing

At just after midnight, officers were twice called to the Tesco store on Excelsior Road in Cardiff, when concerns were raised about customer conduct inside the shop.

The sales marked the beginning of 'Black Friday' - one of the biggest shopping days of the year in Britain with sales on at various stores.

No further incidents have yet been reported.

"South Wales Police received a handful of calls from staff at a number of Tesco stores who had become concerned due to the volume of people who had turned up to sale events...Any incidents had dispersed prior to police arrival and no arrests were made...Suitable advice has been given to management at the stores to prevent further issues."

– South Wales Police

Buyer pays record £500,000 for private reg plate

A buyer has paid half-a-million-pounds for the private number plate "25 O" at a DVLA auction at the Vale Hotel in South Wales on Thursday.

The buyer paid a record sum for this number plate. Credit: DVLA

What your football club says about you: Cardiff City

If you are a Cardiff City supporter you're also more likely to be partial to Christmas cake, drive a Lexus and shop at Lidl.

That's according to YouGov - an international internet-based market research firm - which has compiled data on 300 fans.

It's cheese on toast and then off to the pub for a Cardiff City fan. Credit:

What else sets a cardiff City fan apart from others? Well, according to the survey you're favourite food in Welsh rarebit and you're more likely to have a bird or a fish as a pet. And when it comes to a bit of clothing shopping you're partial to Lacoste.

Singalong now - usually to the Manics or the Jackson 5. Credit: PA
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