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Raising literacy standards a 'major Welsh Government priority'

The Welsh Government says raising literacy standards is one of its major priorities.

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It comes after a report highlighted that Wales' poorest children are starting primary school already struggling with language skills.

The 'Ready to Read' report shows one in four children growing up in poverty leaves primary school unable to read well.

We welcome this campaign and are working closely with Save the Children and others leading it to see how we can add value. It actually complements our own ‘Make Time to Read’ campaign, launched in 2010, which stresses that 10 minutes of reading a day can make a big difference to a child’s literacy and that reading at home helps children to enjoy reading and do better at school.

Our ‘Education begins at home’ campaign also encourages parents to help children with their learning at home. Raising literacy is a major Welsh Government priority and we have introduced a range of policies, including our Literacy and Numeracy Framework and annual reading tests to help achieve this.

We also recognise that increasing the skills of the early years workforce is key to improving outcomes for children, particularly those living in poverty. That is why we are developing a multi-million pound programme with European Structural Funds to provide qualifications to the early years workforce up to degree level.

– Welsh Government spokesperson


'Sex tape' teachers face classroom ban

Two teachers who had sex in school could face a classroom ban after a watchdog ruled they acted unprofessionally.

Two teachers who had sex in school could face a classroom ban after a watchdog ruled they acted unprofessionally.

Head teacher Graham Daniels and his deputy Bethan Thomas resigned from Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe in Swansea last year after a video clip of "sex noises" appearing to come from Mr Daniels' office was posted on YouTube by a pupil.

At an Education Workforce Council hearing, both Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas - formerly Mrs Bale - admitted to taking part in sexual acts on school premises over an 11-month period between May 2013 and April 2014.

The EWC panel have now retired to consider what sanction to impose on Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas.

Options available to them include a formal reprimand, suspension or even striking their names from the teaching register altogether.

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