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Wales' colour-coded school ratings revealed

The Welsh Government has published its latest rankings for secondary and primary schools across Wales.

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The system categorises schools as green, yellow, amber or red depending on how well they're performing. Green schools are said to be 'highly effective', whilst red schools are in need of 'greatest improvement'.

Of 1,528 schools ranked across Wales, 333 are in the 'green' category and 58 are in the 'red' category.

In 2015, of the 1543 schools ranked across Wales, 238 schools were in the 'green' category and '81' were in the red category.

The headline figures show:

  • Of 1316 Primary schools in Wales, this year 294 (22%) are in the green category and 32 (2%) are in the red category.
  • Of 212 Secondary schools in Wales, this year 39 are in the green category ( 18%) and 26 are in red category (12%).
  • 79.5% of primary schools and 57% of secondary schools are this year in either the green or yellow categories

We'll be publishing the full results on our website later this morning, but in the meantime you can view them by clicking here.

Wales' colour-coded school league tables due out today

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Parents will find out later this morning how well their children's schools are doing across Wales.

The Welsh Government's system categorises schools as green, yellow, amber or red depending on how well they're performing, with some schools getting extra support to help them improve.

How does it work?

  • Green support category: Schools deemed to be 'highly effective', 'well run', with 'strong leadership' and clear priorities for improvement.
  • Yellow support category: An 'effective' school which is 'doing well' and knows where it needs to improve.
  • Amber support category: A school 'in need of improvement', which needs help to 'identify the steps to improvement'. The school will receive a 'tailored' package of support.
  • Red support category: A school in need of 'greatest improvement' which will receive 'immediate, intensive' support and be 'closely monitored'.

We'll publish the full results later this morning on our website.

Rankings for Welsh schools announced tomorrow

The Welsh Government will published its latest rankings for primary and secondary schools across Wales on Thursday.

Credit: PA

You'll be able to find them here on ITV Cymru Wales News from 1030 tomorrow morning.

This is the second year where rankings have been published under a colour-coded 'categorisation' system. According to their performance, schools are categorised as green, yellow, amber or red.

Here are 2015's school rankings: Colour-coded ratings: Where does your school rank?


Schools closed due to burst water main

Two schools are listed as closed Credit: Powys County Council

Two schools in Powys have been forced to close due to a burst water main.

Powys County Council's website lists the two schools as the John Beddoes Campus of Newtown High School and Presteigne Primary School.

Welsh Water's website shows a burst water main in the area, which is affecting supplies.

"Substantial" reduction in serious violence across Wales and England

Researchers from Cardiff University have found a "substantial" reduction in serious violence across Wales and England.

They found a reduction in the number of people having to go to hospital over the last five years.

There's been a reduction in the numbers going to hospital Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Our study is very encouraging in demonstrating a consistent and substantial decline in violence in England and Wales, including among children.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that this decline can be attributed in part to public health interventions and improved information-sharing between health services, police and local government.

– Professor Jonathan Shepherd, Director of the Violence Research Group at Cardiff University

Researchers also think a decline in alcohol consumption has helped the situation, but do add there are areas of concern with young men between 18 - 30 still the most likely to be injured in violence.

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