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NUT sends congratulations to A-Level students

NUT Cymru, Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers, has sent its congratulations to the thousands of students across Wales celebrating their A Level results today.

“Students and teachers across Wales should be proud of the results they have secured. Many months and years of hard work and dedication have gone into ensuring that these high standards have been achieved...It is particularly pleasing to see progress being made in the percentage of students receiving the top A-A* grades in key subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and further Mathematics. These are a strong set of results that should rightly be commended and celebrated.”

– Owen Hathway, NUT Cymru Policy Officer

Record number receive Welsh Baccalaureate

The number of students who have received the advanced diploma in the Welsh Baccalaureate has increased again, as it is rolled out across Wales.

There has been an increase in students receiving the Welsh Baccalaureate. Credit: PA

It aims to give teenagers a broader education than A-level subjects, with work experience and voluntary placements.

Welsh Baccalaureate 2014 results:

  • 10, 666 entered (up from 10, 362 last year)
  • 9, 888 passed (up from 8, 565 last year)
  • 87.1% pass rate (up from 82.7% last year)

The Welsh Bac. will play an increasing important role from September 2015, becoming the overarching framework for 14 to 19-year-olds' qualifications in Wales, under Welsh Government changes.

Wales closing gap on rest of UK in top A-level grades

There has been a rise in Welsh students receiving A or A* grades. Credit: ITV Wales

The proportion of students in Wales getting top grades at A-level has risen for the first time in five years, and is catching up with the rest of the UK.

23.3 per cent of Welsh students received an A* or A this year. That proportion is lower than the UK as a whole - at 26 per cent - although the UK figure has fallen slightly from last year.

The A-level pass rate in Wales dropped very slightly to 97.5%, just behind the UK average.

A-level 2014 results:

  • In Wales, 23.3% received A* or A - up from 22.9% last year
  • Across UK, 26.0% received A* or A - down from 26.3% last year
  • In Wales, 97.5% received A*-E - down from 97.6% last year
  • Across UK, 98.0% received A*-E - down from 98.1% last year

There were 35,492 examination entries in Wales this year - exam boards estimate that students take an average of three A-levels.

Education Minister praises Welsh exam results

Education and Skills Minister Huw Lewis has praised students in Wales for a strong set of A-Level and Welsh Baccalaureate results.

The A and AS level results published today show that for students in Wales 97.5% of A Level entries resulted in a pass, 75.2% of A Level entries resulted in a pass at grade A*- C and 85.7% of AS entries resulted in a pass.

“I was very pleased to see the progress our students are making in achieving the higher grades, particularly in key subjects such as physics, history and chemistry which all showed improved A*-A pass rates compared to last year. Our performance at A*-C for mathematics, chemistry and history also compares favourably with other parts of the UK and performance at English at A*-C has made great strides. These subjects are important for our economy and will stand students in good stead for the future."

– Huw Lewis, Education and Skills Minister

The Minister also welcomed news that Oxford University has offered more Welsh students places this year than in the past four years, with a total of 86 offers.


Share your 'selfies' on A-level results day

Please get in touch on A-level results day, with your stories, messages and photographs.

In particular, we want your 'selfies' - photos taken with your results envelope, your grades, with your friends or family.

Thousands of young people are receiving their results today. Credit: PA

Here's how to get in touch:

Thousands of pupils across Wales await A-level results

More than 10,000 young people across Wales are waiting anxiously to receive their A-level results today.

Last year, the proportion of Welsh pupils receiving the top grades fell for the fourth time in succession, while pupils here fell further behind their counterparts in England.

Thousands of pupils will receive grades today that may help shape their futures. Credit: PA

Last year, 22.9% of pupils in Wales received an A or A* at A-level, compared to 26.3% in England.

The overall pass rate in Wales remained the same, at 97.6% - compared to 98.1% in England.

For many young people, their grades will allow them to confirm places at university, or enter clearing - often if they have not got the grades they hoped for.

All eight Welsh universities have said that they have undergraduate places available via clearing.

Many other young people will choose to take up courses in further education, apprenticeships, or go into the workplace.

AS-level and Welsh Baccalaureate results will also be issued to pupils today.

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