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Parents say pupils treated as 'guinea pigs' over Cardiff school plans

Parents in Cardiff say pupils are being treated as 'guinea pigs', over plans to change school catchment areas.

One father has told ITV News it currently takes his son 40 seconds to walk to school and under the new proposals, it'll take 40 minutes.

Cardiff Council say it's important that catchment areas are continually reviewed in order to 'make the best use of places in the city'.

Megan Boot reports:

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Extra money for universities and local councils as some Welsh spending cuts reversed

Finance Minister Jane Hutt has made two major concessions on the spending cuts she announced in December in her draft budget for 2016/17.

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) will get an extra £21 million for universities plus £10 million for part time studies and scientific research. The three local councils hardest hit by cuts -Powys, Ceredigion and Monmouthshire- will get an additional £2.5 million between them.

  • Powys £1.93 million
  • Ceredigion £0.439 million
  • Monmouthshire £0.109 million

Labour does not have an overall majority in the Senedd and the Welsh Government relies on the support of the Liberal Democrats to get its budget passed. The Lib Dems are claiming today's concessions are the result of their influence.

I am delighted that we have secured this agreement. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been clear from the very beginning that there was absolutely no way we could support these unfair cuts to rural councils. We were also clear that the severe cuts to higher education were completely unacceptable. We have worked with the Finance Minister, local government and the higher education sector to put right issues from the draft budget and we have succeeded.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams AM


Wales could see fewer medical students

There are claims that there could be fewer medical students in Wales if a cut to university funding goes ahead.

Tomorrow Assembly Members will debate Welsh Government's spending plans. They include a £21 million cut to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, money that is used in a number of ways, including helping universities to pay for more expensive courses like medicine.

The Education Minister says universities here have enough money to deal with the cut.

Megan Boot has the story.


Teachers think future plans are 'vague'

Teachers have travelled to Cardiff today to hear about the support they're going to get to deliver the new curriculum.

Whilst many like the ideas in principle, there is concern about how it will work in practice.

The man behind the new curriculum, Professor Graham Donaldson, says it's vague at the moment because it's in the early stages and over the next few years it will become more clearly shaped by teachers.

The Education Minister, Huw Lewis AM, says teachers will be given extra time to prepare for the changes.

Watch Megan Boot's report:

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Wales' colour-coded school ratings revealed

The Welsh Government has published its latest rankings for secondary and primary schools across Wales.

Credit: PA

The system categorises schools as green, yellow, amber or red depending on how well they're performing. Green schools are said to be 'highly effective', whilst red schools are in need of 'greatest improvement'.

Of 1,528 schools ranked across Wales, 333 are in the 'green' category and 58 are in the 'red' category.

In 2015, of the 1543 schools ranked across Wales, 238 schools were in the 'green' category and '81' were in the red category.

The headline figures show:

  • Of 1316 Primary schools in Wales, this year 294 (22%) are in the green category and 32 (2%) are in the red category.
  • Of 212 Secondary schools in Wales, this year 39 are in the green category ( 18%) and 26 are in red category (12%).
  • 79.5% of primary schools and 57% of secondary schools are this year in either the green or yellow categories

We'll be publishing the full results on our website later this morning, but in the meantime you can view them by clicking here.

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