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Welsh teens set sights too low, missing out on well-paid jobs

Credit: PA

Welsh teens are setting their sights too low when it comes to future career paths according to research from City and Guilds.

Just 15% of young people in Wales are aware of the potential jobs available to them - the lowest figure for any part of the UK.

The study suggests that young people in Wales are failing to consider a large number of high-skilled and well-paid jobs and are instead over-selecting from a handful of careers.

Our research demonstrates that young people in Wales are not aware of the range of career paths open to them and as a result are setting their sights low when it comes to their career aspirations. They deserve to be made aware of the breadth of career opportunities in their home town both for their own sakes and to ensure the future success of Wales.

– Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director, City & Guilds


Bad Grades? Don't worry, says Careers Wales

Careers Wales says although most school leavers choose to go on to further education an increasing number are exploring other options.

When Kerryanne Wallace didn't get the grades to study at University, another door opened.

They say University is not the be all and end all. There are other options out there.

Alexandra Lodge has been to meet one woman who decided to take up an apprenticeship scheme after she didn't get the grades to get to University a year ago:

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Lessons in love - couple celebrate getting into Oxford together

A young couple from Cardiff will continue their romance at University - having both been accepted into Oxford after getting straight As.

The couple helped each other get into Oxford University. Credit: Wales News Service

Joseff Reed and Nia Williams, both 18, were determined not to end their school romance - and helped each other through their applications.

They began dating 12 months ago at Welsh-language Ysgol Gymraeg Glantaf High School.

The couple say they can't wait to pack their bags and move from their homes in south Wales to begin their studies in Law and German and Philosophy respectively.

Joseff will be studying German and Philosophy, whilst Nia will be reading Law. Credit: Wales News Service

I really can't believe it. I spent most of the morning crying, but I'm really looking forward to October now.

– Nia Williams

I can't believe it either. It's amazing. I just feel really grateful that we've been given the opportunity to do this.

– Joseff Reed


Young people succeeding under "tremendous pressure" - NASUWT

The largest teachers' union in Wales has issued its congratulations to students and teachers across the country, as thousands collect their A level and Baccalaureate results.

The NASUWT has praised both teachers and students as results are collected. Credit: Matthew Horwood

Chris Keates, the General Secreatary of the NASUWT, says today is a day of celebration for the hard work put in at schools around Wales, particularly at a time of "unprecedented change" to the qualification system.

Our young people are succeeding under tremendous pressure. It is a testament to the hard work of teachers in Wales that they have achieved these excellent results against a backdrop of ever tighter school and college budgets and at a time of unprecedented change to the qualification system.

– Chris Keates, General Secreatary of the NASUWT

There will be time enough to undertake more analysis to look at the improved outcomes across all grades at AS and within the Welsh Baccalaureate, the slight dip in A-level results, and the trends in subject entries, where there has been a fall in some creative subjects and modern foreign languages. However, it is the value to the student of the qualification gained, whether it is an A* or D, that is by far the most important factor in measuring success and we should be celebrating their achievement.

– Rex Phillips, National Official for Wales

Pembrokeshire A-level results dip below Welsh average

Credit: PA

The overall Pembrokeshire pass rate at A-level is 96.6% compared to the Welsh average of 97.3% - down 2.2% on the previous year.

The percentage of students who gained A* and A grades is also down compared to the Welsh average with 18.2% of Pembrokeshire pupils achieving the top marks.

We are pleased with the overall results and I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the students on their successes and recognise their hard work in preparing so thoroughly for the examinations.

I’d also like to acknowledge the dedication of the teachers in a time of increased expectations. The sustained position reflects the joint commitment of all education institutions and Local Authority staff in ensuring that young people are afforded every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

– Councillor David Lloyd, Cabinet Member for Education
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