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Budget winners and losers revealed

In the main section of the budget, covering £13.5 billion of the £15 billion total, spending will change as follows next year:

  • Health £7.04 billion (+2.5%)
  • Local Government £4.32 billion (-1.5%)
  • Communities & Children £0.37 billion (+1.9%)
  • Economy & Infrastructure £0.78 billion (+8.6%)
  • Education £1.49 billion (+1.3%)
  • Environment & Rural Affairs £0.28 billion (+0.3%)
  • Central Services & Administration £0.28 billion (-9.7%)

Percentage cuts and increases have been adjusted for inflation. These figures do not include capital expenditure and over £1 billion of demand-led expenditure.

Campaign to enforce 20mph speed limits outside schools

A campaign to enforce 20mph speed limits outside schools in Wales gets underway today.

Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

GoSafe, a partnership between Welsh local authorities, police forces and the Welsh Government, will warn that despite 20mph speed limits being a routine part of everyday driving, there is still a "flagrant disregard" of those limits.

Our continued focus on 20mph limits around schools is part of our commitment to safer communities, and to protect the most vulnerable road users; our children.

We want the support of all drivers, and we want compliance with 20 mph limits to become the norm.

– Chris Hume, Partnership Manager at GoSafe

We want motorists to be aware of vulnerable road users, and this campaign will hopefully highlight that speed limits such as 20mph limits are there for a reason.

– Police Sargeant Ian Price, Dyfed-Powys Police


GCSE attainment gap continues to close

Credit: PA

The attainment gap between children receiving free school meals and their peers has fallen for the second year.

The proportion of learners eligible for free school meals and achieving five or more GSCEs has increased.

I am pleased that the Pupil Deprivation Grant is making a real difference to the lives of these children and that we are starting to break the link between poverty and attainment that has dogged our education system. While this is good news, there is still a lot more that we need to do. That is why I recently announced my intention to double the Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant, concentrating extra resources on our youngest pupils.

It remains our mission that every child deserves a fair start in life so that everyone will have the opportunity to succeed.

– Kirsty Williams, Cabinet Secretary for Education

Tuition fee grants should be scrapped says review

Credit: PA

Tuition fee grants for Welsh students should be scrapped, according to a major review into higher education.

Our Education Reporter, Megan Boot has been taking a closer look at the Diamond Review.


Powys children to wait up to a year longer to start school

Credit: ITV News

Children in Powys are going to have to wait up to a year longer to start school.

From next September there won't be any more nursery classes available as the council tries to save millions of pounds.

Instead it's planning on offering two and a half hours extra pre-school provision a week.

For him I think it might be a bit better because he'll be more mature and he'll have more understanding of what's going on .

But for me as a working parent it's not going to be great because it means forking out for another year of childcare.

– Polly Williams, Parent

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