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'Great Debate' launched on future Welsh curriculum

Teachers, pupils, parents and businesses are being encouraged to get involved in a 'Great Debate' about the future of education in Wales.

It follows last week's publication of a 'radical' independent review of the curriculum here.

It proposed that schools should have more freedom, key stages should be scrapped, while digital competence and life skills should become increased priorities.

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Teaching unions welcomed the curriculum review as 'potentially game-changing.' Credit: PA

The Welsh Government commissioned the review, from Scottish academic Professor Graham Donaldson, and is now looking for feedback, before deciding whether to push ahead with the recommendations.

The proposals set out in the 'Successful Futures' report are by far the most exciting and thought provoking set of proposals for Welsh education for a generation and they deserve our attention.

Change on this scale needs time and consideration and I am keen to find out if teachers, parents, pupils and businesses think the suggested vision and purposes of education set out in the report are right for our children and young people.

– Huw Lewis, Education Minister

The Welsh Government says it will make "a formal statement in the summer once views have been considered."

There will be a series of public events, and people can also join the 'Great Debate' online.

Find out more on the Welsh Government website


PISA chief: Wales 'too tolerant' of low education performance

The architect of the international PISA tests says Wales' education system is too tolerant of low performance.

Andreas Schleichler says the expectations Welsh education sets for its children are much weaker than in higher performing education systems.

There's no reason why you'd expect Wales anywhere near to Greece, which is what the PISA performance shows you.

It's been a fair degree of complacency if you compare that with other countries you know we wouldn't have the level of tolerance for low performance that we've seen in Wales.

– Andreas Schleichler

You can hear more in tonight's Y Byd ar Bedwar, which will be broadcast tonight at 9.30 on S4C. English subs are available.

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