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Police appeal after man hit by car near Llanfaelog

North Wales Police is appealing for information after a man was hit by a car on the A4080 Llanfaelog on Anglesey at around 1am this morning.

The local man, aged in his twenties was left with serious head injuries, and was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

The driver of the car, thought to be dark in colour and with possible front-end damage , failed to stop. Police are asking anyone with information regarding the incident to call 101.



Russell Crowe flies to Cardiff for Noah screening

Actor Russell Crowe visits Cardiff tonight for a screening of his new film Noah.


Leaving Edinburgh , thanks for the big welcome and the single malt, nice and warm now, off to Cardiff

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Cardiff horror scenes. But don't worry, it's just a game

The un-dead terrorised the streets of Cardiff yesterday for a zombie chase game. Called 2.8 Hours Later, it was in tribute to Danny Boyle's post-apocalyptic movie 28 Days Later.

It's like becoming a character in your very own horror film. It’s incredible to see our players become totally immersed in the narrative they seem to love the adrenaline kick they get from playing the game.

The story creates a convincing world of gritty realism, where players struggle to tell where the actors start and stop the public begin.

The lines between reality and game are constantly blurred and broken, and hearts genuinely do get pumping and minds start racing.

– Simon Evans, organiser

Fake zombies roam the streets of Welsh capital

Flesh-eating zombies flooded Cardiff yesterday. It was all part of a giant "zombie chase game". The event was called 2.8 Hours Later in tribute to Danny Boyle's post-apocalyptic movie 28 Days Later.

actors as zombies
Actors playing zombies line a street in Cardiff Credit: Wales News Service

Zombies roamed the streets of the Welsh capital trying to 'infect' participants. Invisible ink was used to show who was infected and who wasn't. The game, for over 18s, has been compared to the schoolyard favourite, tag, and culminated in a zombie disco.

Participants all dressed up as zombies Credit: Wales News Service
One participant is chased by an actor playing a zombie Credit: Wales News Service
Some participants enjoy the thrill of being chased by zombies Credit: Wales News Service
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