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Free entry to Cadw sites to celebrate Wales' Euro 2016 campaign

Credit: PA Images

The Welsh Government is opening the doors, free of charge, to all of its directly-managed Cadw sites on Sunday 26 June to mark Wales’ historic achievement at reaching the Final 16 in the European 2016 Football Championship.

We entered this competition with a real feeling that qualification was just the start for this group of players and we were right.

From fan behaviour to Wales’ performance on the pitch, this tournament has captured the hearts and minds of this country and really helped to showcase to the rest of the world what Wales is truly capable of.

– Ken Skates AM, Economy and Infrastructur Secretary


Natural Resources Wales investigate Algae sightings

Algae Bloom at Cwm-yr-Eglwys beach, Pembrokeshire. Credit: Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is reassuring residents and holiday makers that Welsh beaches are clean and healthy, despite some appearances of a foamy substance in the water and on the beaches.

Officers have received reports from people in Pembrokeshire concerned about what they believe is sewage or slurry found on the beach or in the water.

These have been investigated and found to be caused by tiny, naturally occurring algae that thrive in warm weather conditions.

The algae is often mistaken for sewage or other pollution because of its oily appearance and its slight seaweed like smell.

We have fantastic beaches in Wales and really great water quality with around 80% of bathing waters reaching the highest European standards for cleanliness.

At this time of year we do get some reports, we treat each one seriously and assess every report

Despite its unpleasant appearance, most of the reports we receive turn out to be this common algae. “Warm weather provides the conditions for the algae to occur and it will disperse naturally over time

– Rod Thomas, Senior Environment Officer for Natural Resources Wales


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