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May criticises Labour's handling of the NHS in Wales

Theresa May used Prime Minister's Questions to launch an attack on Labour's handling of the NHS in Wales.

Theresa May was responding to Jeremy Corbyn's question on health care.

The Prime Minister made the comments after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's questioned waiting times and waiting lists and a "crisis in almost every A&E department"

The NHS has not got the money it needs, the Prime Minister knows that, she knows waiting times and waiting lists are up, she knows there's a crisis in almost every A&E department. Maybe she could go to a hospital and allow the staff to ask her a few questions.

– Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader

In response, the Conservative leader said "there is somewhere the NHS has been cut - it's in Wales under the Labour party."

Welsh Labour meanwhile called her comments "an outright lie", and that the Government in Wales was investing in the NHS.

Theresa May's claim today about Welsh NHS spending was an outright lie - pure and simple.

That a Welsh Labour Government has made such investment in the NHS in the face of such savage cuts from successive Tory governments makes her claims more offensive still.

The message is clear - you simply can’t believe a word that the Tories say about Wales.

– Welsh Labour spokesperson


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