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'Shaken baby syndrome' test developed in Cardiff

Experts at Cardiff University have developed a test to help doctors diagnose so-called shaken baby syndrome.

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Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) is the leading cause of death amongst abused children. The method employs a simple checklist of 6 signs to look for.

It is estimated that as many as 34 in every 100,000 infants less than one year of age are victims of AHT, though the true figure is unknown because many cases of AHT are missed and others may not come to the attention of clinicians.

It is vitally important that abusive head trauma is diagnosed accurately so that the team looking after the child can ensure that they receive appropriate support and are protected from further harm.

"Arriving at these decisions can be extremely difficult, especially for doctors who do not see many cases of severe child abuse. This study offers a prediction tool to help doctors make these extremely important decisions, where the life or death of a child often hangs in the balance."

– Professor Alison Kemp, Cardiff University’s School of Medicine



£4.5m for brain research could find cause of dementia

The money will go towards a 'centre of excellence' in Cardiff.

Credit: Andreas Gebert/DPA/PA Images

£4.5m of EU funds has been announced to help Cardiff University develop a leading centre of excellence for brain research.

The new CUBRIC (Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre) building will enable researchers to test new ideas and theories.

It could lead to a better understanding of the causes of a range of health conditions, including dementia, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

The EU funds through the Welsh Government will support the construction works of the new £44m state-of-the-art facility based at Maindy Park.

This is another excellent example of how EU funds are supporting growth in the Welsh economy, helping our academic institutions to attract further competitive and private research investments and position Wales as a global leader in ground-breaking research and innovation.

– Jane Hutt AM, Finance Minister

The Welsh Government says the expansion of CUBRIC is expected to generate up to £22m in additional research investments over the coming years, enabling further collaboration to combat diseases that affect the brain.

CUBRIC’s pairing of world-leading technology with an extremely talented set of researchers will help to understand differences in normal brain function and the causes of conditions such as dementia, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis. Ultimately, this information will lead to the development of better treatments.

– Professor Derek Jones, Director of CUBRIC
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