Illegal tobacco in Wales

An undercover investigation by ITV Cymru Wales has found that illegal tobacco in some parts of the country is widespread, and easy to find.

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Wales' top football teams best for disabled spaces

Swansea came top and Cardiff took third place Credit: PA

Wales' two Premier League clubs are top of the table when it comes to providing spaces for disabled supporters at matches.

Figures released today show Swansea came top while Cardiff were third in a survey which looked at the number of wheelchair spaces for disabled fans. It comes as the minister for action for disabled people called for action over a lack of support for disabled spectators in British football league.

The Accessible Stadia Guide sets out minimum standards that all new grounds are recommended to meet for disabled fans.

The number of wheelchair spaces a stadium should provide is based on its capacity.


Report shows Welsh NHS improving says Andy Burnham

Commenting on the Nuffield Trust report published today which compares the performance of the NHS in the four countries of the UK, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said:

David Cameron should be embarrassed by this report. It exposes his merciless attempts to run down the NHS in Wales, when the facts show it’s been making more progress than England in recent years. Cameron has been caught out putting politics before patients.

David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt have waged a sinister spin operation against the NHS in Wales - and the NHS more generally - for their own political purposes.

They want to distract attention from their own record on the NHS in England, where a re-organisation no-one wanted has led to a crisis in A&E and put the NHS on a path towards privatisation.

The reality is that the NHS in Wales has improved over the last decade thanks to Labour investment and reform – though of course there is further to go. Where care is not good enough anywhere in the UK, it must be addressed.

But when the Tories were last in charge in Wales, people were waiting two years for operations. They have not forgotten that and it's why people in Wales don’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

– Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Health Secretary

Drakeford: NHS showing 'rapid improvement'

The Health Minister Mark Drakeford has argued that the Welsh NHS is not in a worse state than any other health system in UK.

The Welsh Government issues a report today looking at how the four health systems of Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland compare.

His comments come as England Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to continue his criticism of the NHS in Wales when he speaks at the Welsh Conservative Spring Conference later.

Operation waiting times longer in Wales than rest of UK

A report comparing the health system in all four UK nations says waiting times in Wales have 'lengthened disproportionately' compared to the others.

But the Welsh Government have said the figures underline a more positive outlook of the health system in Wales.

The Nuffield Trust says people in Wales can wait up to one hundred days longer for a common operation than people living in England.

"In some important areas covered by the report, Wales does well. With regards to 'the way in which the NHS runs' and on 'the way the NHS's local doctors or GPs run nowadays' Wales came out the highest in the UK, with 62% in Wales very satisfied with the health service. This compares to just 53% saying the same of the health service in England.

The report shows dramatic improvements in ambulance response times to immediately life-threatening calls, and substantial reductions in waiting times in all four countries.

While the report points out that spending on health has not increased in the devolved nations to the same extent as in England, it remains the case that England has the lowest spend on health per head of population."

– Mark Drakeford, Health Minister


Wales' waiting times for diagnostic tests 'worst in UK'

by Alexandra Lodge

Doctors in Wales say waiting times for diagnostic tests here are amongst the worst in Europe and could be making the difference between life and death.

Official figures today show numbers are falling but Plaid Cymru claim Welsh patients are still waiting up to 20 times longer than those in the rest of the UK.

They say, on average, 41.2% of patients in Wales wait more than six weeks for such tests - ten times more than in Scotland and 20 times more than in England.

Welsh Govt: Individual responsibility vital in cancer battle

The Welsh Government says that people need to take more individual responsibility to protect their own health, as figures released today show that more people are being diagnosed with cancer.

Over 18,000 people in Wales were diagnosed with the disease in 2012, two thirds of those aged 65 and over.

Lung cancer remaining the biggest cause of death from cancer, with 1,894 deaths in 2012.

We are making progress with more access to services, improved technology and world leading research. The cancer delivery plan annual report reflects these achievements...These statistics also show that cancer cases are increasing due to our ageing population and lifestyles. We must all therefore do more to prevent cancer - this means taking more responsibility as individuals to protect our health and limit potentially harmful behaviour."

– Welsh Government spokesperson

'Poor survival rates' for lung cancer sufferers in Wales

Less than 7% of those diagnosed with lung cancer in Wales survive over five years, according to a cancer specialist.

Dr Dyfed Wyn Huws of the Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit was speaking ahead of the release of a new report indicating that lung cancer remains the biggest cause of death from cancer in the country.

The report also highlighted that due to people living longer, more people are being diagnosed with the disease, with over 18,000 cases of all cancers diagnosed in 2012.

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