Illegal tobacco in Wales

An undercover investigation by ITV Cymru Wales has found that illegal tobacco in some parts of the country is widespread, and easy to find.

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'Major changes' needed in dementia provision

The review took place between July 2013 and January 2014 Credit: Daniel Karmann/DPA

Major changes need to be made in the way dementia services are planned and commissioned in Wales, according to a report from the Care and Social Service Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

The report found that there are 'significant gaps' in the planning and provision of early intervention services and there is a need for 'greater focus' on the quality of care provided by local authorities and health boards.

Are we changing our relationship with cancer?

Every week here in Wales 50 people are diagnosed with breast cancer alone, making it the most common type of cancer for women. The so-called celeb effect has made us more aware than ever before.

So, with a society calling for earlier diagnosis and preventative treatment - is our relationship with cancer in the midst of change?

Wales This Week follows 34 year-old Leanne Hugglestone as she undergoes a double mastectomy to prevent a recurrence of cancer.

Wales This Week: Mastectomy and Me - Monday 8pm ITV Cymru Wales


Pensioner became 'increasingly unwell' after surgery

An inquest has today been hearing how a pensioner died after an operation at Withybush hospital in Pembrokeshire.

Malcolm Green was said to have become increasingly unwell after undergoing surgery for cancer. The hospital has already said there were failings in the level of the care in his treatment. Kevin Ashford reports.

Inquest to begin into death of man at Withybush Hospital

Malcolm Green
Malcolm Green died after an operation at Withybush Hospital in June 2012 Credit: Martin Green

A three day inquest opens today into the death of an 82 year-old man who died at Withybush Hospital two years ago.

Malcolm Green's family say he became increasingly unwell after undergoing surgery for bowel cancer in June 2012.

They say staff failed to notice the deterioration in his condition and that he died of internal bleeding and organ failure because the surgeon who was supposed to be treating him left to go to a meeting.

The hospital have admitted "avoidable and unacceptable delays" in his treatment.


Wales' top football teams best for disabled spaces

Swansea came top and Cardiff took third place Credit: PA

Wales' two Premier League clubs are top of the table when it comes to providing spaces for disabled supporters at matches.

Figures released today show Swansea came top while Cardiff were third in a survey which looked at the number of wheelchair spaces for disabled fans. It comes as the minister for action for disabled people called for action over a lack of support for disabled spectators in British football league.

The Accessible Stadia Guide sets out minimum standards that all new grounds are recommended to meet for disabled fans.

The number of wheelchair spaces a stadium should provide is based on its capacity.

Report shows Welsh NHS improving says Andy Burnham

Commenting on the Nuffield Trust report published today which compares the performance of the NHS in the four countries of the UK, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said:

David Cameron should be embarrassed by this report. It exposes his merciless attempts to run down the NHS in Wales, when the facts show it’s been making more progress than England in recent years. Cameron has been caught out putting politics before patients.

David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt have waged a sinister spin operation against the NHS in Wales - and the NHS more generally - for their own political purposes.

They want to distract attention from their own record on the NHS in England, where a re-organisation no-one wanted has led to a crisis in A&E and put the NHS on a path towards privatisation.

The reality is that the NHS in Wales has improved over the last decade thanks to Labour investment and reform – though of course there is further to go. Where care is not good enough anywhere in the UK, it must be addressed.

But when the Tories were last in charge in Wales, people were waiting two years for operations. They have not forgotten that and it's why people in Wales don’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

– Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Health Secretary
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