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Work schemes 'already helped thousands' with mental health issues

The Department for Work and Pensions has defended work programmes aimed at getting people back into work following criticism from a mental health charity.

The DWP say previous jobs schemes didn't do enough for people with mental health issues Credit: PA

MIND say work schemes are failing to help people with mental health issues find work.

Mind are overlooking the fact that previous jobs schemes simply didn’t do enough for people with mental health conditions.

Our Work Programme gives tailored support to each individual and is now helping turn around more lives than any previous scheme.

It has already helped thousands of people with mental health conditions into work, instead of just writing people off on sickness benefits as often happened in the past.

– Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson


Welsh Government is 'out of excuses' on a cancer drugs fund says Welsh Secretary

Following Labour's pledge to introduce a cancer, surgery and radiotherapy fund in England if it wins next year's UK election, the Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has urged Welsh Labour to follow suit.

The Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham is to commit the party to introducing an expanded Cancer Treatments Fund costing £330m to replace the current fund which is restricted to drugs.

The Welsh Labour Government has repeatedly refused to introduce a Cancer Drugs Fund, saying that more cancer patients are treated in Wales without such a scheme. But Stephen Crabb says ministers in Cardiff can no longer justify their position.

The Welsh Labour government are all out of excuses for not implementing a Cancer Drugs Fund in Wales.

The CDF has significantly enhanced the lives of 55,000 cancer sufferers in England. That's why the UK Labour Party have signed up to it and it's why 97,000 people signed a petition calling for one in Wales.

It is now time for the Shadow Welsh Secretary to call on his Labour colleagues in the Assembly to bring this policy to Wales as both he and his party clearly support it for England.

The Welsh government received an additional £123m in the Autumn Statement last week. That's enough to pay for a Welsh Cancer Drugs Fund several times over and so there is no excuse for denying the people of Wales this life saving, life enhancing cancer treatment any longer.

– Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales
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