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Terminal dad's dream to take family to Disney World

A terminally ill man from Llanelli is trying to raise enough money to take his family on a dream holiday in his final months.

Former soldier Bryn Archbold, aged 27, has a rare form of cancer known as Grey Zone Lymphoma. He has been told he has just six months to live. He says he wants to create happy memories for his two young children before he leaves them, by taking them on a dream holiday to Disney World, Florida.

A fundraising campaign has almost reached its target. Lorna Prichard reports.

Outcomes of Welsh mental health patients 'haven't improved'

The outcomes of mental health patients in Wales have not improved since "ground-breaking" legislation was brought in four years ago, a mental health charity has said.

The survey, conducted by charity Gofal, show outcomes of mental health patients haven't improved across Wales. Credit: PA

The findings were published in a report by Welsh mental health charity Gofal, who initiated a survey asking for people's experiences of primary mental health services since the Mental Health Measure came into force in October 2012.

The legislation was described as ground-breaking and passed with cross-party support at the time. It targeted the improvement in the treatment of people with mental health problems across Wales. However, the survey found:

  • No improvement in response to the question 'Did the service lead to improved mental health and wellbeing' since the first survey was conducted in 2012.
  • No improvement to the question 'Did you manage to access the advice, treatment and/or support services you needed?' since the first survey was conducted in 2012.
  • People tend to experience worse outcomes the longer they have to wait for treatment and support.
  • Comments from survey respondents indicated that negative attitudes from primary care staff made them feel 'invalidated' and less likely to seek help in the future.

However, the results also indicate that counsellors, therapists and GPs demonstrate the highest levels of empathy and understanding to patients and that waiting times appear to have steadily improved over the past four years.

It is absolutely essential that health boards and the Welsh Government start to collect consistent and transparent patient outcome data across Wales in order to determine whether this legislation is having the desired impact on people's lives. We know that there are many people in health boards who are deeply committed to improving services, not least demonstrated by their funding of this latest survey. However, they need ongoing resources and support, as well as the tools to capture outcomes, act on the evidence and deliver improvements to services and outcomes.

– Ewan Hilton, Gofal Chief Executive


Bristol Children's Hospital report: Father of Luke Jenkins fears 'lessons haven't been learnt'

Watch the report from Richard Morgan below:

A father from Cardiff who spent four years trying to get the truth about his seven-year-old son's death says he fears lessons haven't been learnt despite the publication of a report into failings at the Bristol Children's Hospital.

Luke Jenkins had been expected to make a full recovery from heart surgery but died of complications.

The report examined 11 deaths involving children at the hospital.


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