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Verdict due on Aberthaw power station pollution

Credit: ITV News

A ruling's due on whether the Government has misinterpreted European law governing pollution from Aberthaw power station.

Environmentalists claim the plant produces more than double the legal amount of nitrogen oxide.

Government officials argue emission limits should be higher because of it's 'unusual design'.


£80 fines for cigarettes dropped outside hospitals

People who drop cigarette butts outside Wales' largest hospital are being slapped with £80 fines.

Credit: Ken Lennox/PA Wire

The Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) are being handed out at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales and all grounds controlled by the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Littering also attracts a fine.

We are patrolling known areas to educate offenders about waste disposal and are issuing FPNs to anyone seen dropping litter.

In just one afternoon, I alone have issued hundreds of pounds’ worth of FPNs. One was to a taxi driver dropping a cigarette butt out the window and another was to a visitor discarding her cigarette as she made her way towards the hospital entrance.

Some have dropped other items such as coffee cups.

– Wayne Jones, Cardiff City Council
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