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Cardiff named best city to live in UK

People living in Cardiff enjoy the best quality of life compared with the UK's other major cities, according to a report.

Cardiff Bay Credit: PA

Cardiff beat off competition from other major cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool.

The report, by MoneySuperMarket, ranked the UK's 12 largest cities by measuring a range of different factors such as house prices, salaries and 'life satisfaction'.

The Welsh capital, which scored above average on every factor apart from salaries, took the number one spot from last year's winner Bristol.

Cardiff residents were found to have the lowest average living costs at £359 a week, compared with £486 typically in London, which had the highest living costs. These costs include money spent on food and drink, clothing and footwear, household goods and services, health, transport and recreation. Cardiff also had one of the lowest unemployment rates of the cities looked at, at 8.1%.

Cardiff Castle Credit: Cardiff Castle

On a national level, the economy is performing well. Big contributors to that are growth in salary, disposable income and house prices, while unemployment has fallen.

However, the precise story differs city by city. While some, like Cardiff, Belfast and Bradford, measure up well against many of the indicators, others aren't feeling the benefit of the rising economic tide.

– Dan Plant, consumer finance expert at MoneySuperMarket
  • Cardiff
  • Belfast
  • Bradford
  • London
  • Bristol
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham


Welsh councils urged to pay staff living wage

Credit: PA Images

Unions are calling for Welsh councils to pay their staff the 'living wage.'

It comes as the Wales TUC reveals that the majority of women working part-time in Flintshire earn less than the living wage.

Across the UK, around two in five part-time jobs pay less than the living wage.

According to the figures, Blaenau Gwent and Conwy are the next worst affected areas in Wales.

In both local authority areas the majority of women working part-time earn less than the living wage, which currently stands at £7.65 an hour.

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) says it's the decision of individual councils on whether to introduce the living wage or not.

Given the current state of local government finance, where councils face a shortfall of up to £880million in the funding of vital local services, many councils are simply not in a position to introduce a 'Living Wage' without putting more jobs and services at risk.

This would do little to benefit their local communities or their work force in the longer term.

– WLGA spokesperson


  1. Susan Ridd

Catch up: The Welsh Millionaires' Club, Programme 3

Catch up with Les Scadding - Wales' biggest lottery winner - five years after his win, as he talks horsepower at a stud farm where his racehorse is currently stabled.

Les also travels up the M4 to meet Camelot call centre staff, including Anita, who took his winning call. And we hear what exactly happens after you've won - and most importantly - how do you get your cash?

We also meet West Wales farmer Mez Davies, who bought a smallholding with his £2.4m win and now has a 24-strong welsh cob stud.

Cardiff is one of Britain's top ten 'bargain breaks'

Cardiff Bay: one of the city's attractions. Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

The Welsh capital is the third best British city when it come to a value-for-money short break, according to a TripAdvisor survey.

It compared the cost of two people having a one-night stay in a four-star hotel in the month of August, with the overall cost figure including a pre-meal cocktail, a meal out and a short taxi ride.

  • 1. Sheffield: £154
  • 2. Birmingham: £166
  • 3. Cardiff: £173
  • 4 Newcastle upon Tyne: £176
  • 5. Bristol: £180
  • 6. Leeds: £184
  • 7. Liverpool: £190
  • 8. Nottingham: £199
  • 9. Manchester: £200
  • 10. Belfast: £204

Tripadvisor says the most expensive out of 20 cities compared was Edinburgh at £331. London was 18th in the list at £267

CMI: Lower levels of pay for women 'can't be justified'

Figures out today show female managers in Wales are earning almost £4,000 less than their male counterparts.

The Chartered Management Institute also says more needs to be done to 'tackle gender bias' in pay policies.

Lower levels of pay for women managers cannot be justified, yet our extensive data shows the pay gap remains for too many women in Wales.

Women and men should be paid on the basis of their performance in their particular roles, but this is clearly not yet the case for far too many.

We have to stamp out cultures that excuse this as the result of time out for motherhood and tackle gender bias in pay policies that put too much emphasis on time served.

– Ann Francke, Chief Executive, CMI

Latest gender pay gap revealed for Welsh workers

The widest pay gap was recorded between men and women aged 45-60 Credit: PA

Figures out today show female managers in Wales are earning almost £4,000 less than their male counterparts.

The Chartered Management Institute also says mens' average bonuses tends to be bigger too. Campaigners are asking for businesses to do more to bridge the gap.

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