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  1. Nick Powell

"Carwyn and I are going to get along fine" says Corbyn

Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn, on a visit to the Aneurin Bevan Stones near Tredegar, has claimed that he would have a good working relationship with First Minister Carwyn Jones, who's said that the veteran leftwinger would be "an unusual choice" of party leader.

Earlier Mr Corbyn said his campaign needed to be a bit cautious about a poll giving him a commanding lead in the leadership contest but when he was asked about how he'd get on with the First Minister, he talked as if he expected to be Labour leader.

Carwyn and I are going to get along fine ... perhaps we can narrow the clear red water [between Labour in Wales and at Westminster] -and walk across it.

– Jeremy Corbyn MP

Mr Corby added that a big movement was growing "full of optimism and hope".

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