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Plaid Cymru: 'The future of our nation is at risk'

Commenting on the ITV Cymru Wales poll Plaid Cymru said it offered a "glimpse" of a future which could await Wales.

No one should forget that Tory ideology is all about privatising and cutting public services. That means longer waiting lists, poorer education and increased child poverty. We know what they are about because we remember the Tories' record in Wales.

With an increased mandate the Tories will privatise, cut and power-grab from our Assembly so that Wales's ability to defend its own people will be reduced.

We face a defining period for our country. Now is the time for people to get behind their local Plaid Cymru candidate to elect strong voices to speak up for Wales in Westminster.

Labour to date has failed to do that and Wales has been ignored as a result. These polls tell us that Labour's divisions mean they won't be able to stop the Tories in this election.

The only way to defend Wales from Tory attacks is to send the maximum number of Plaid Cymru MPs to London on June 8.

– Plaid Cymru

Lib Dems: 'Labour worst opposition in modern history'

Mark Williams MP, Liberal Democrats.

Following the publication of the poll the Liberal Democrats Welsh MP Mark Williams said Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour were in meltdown.

Having proven themselves to be the worst opposition in modern history Labour are on course to hand the Tories the majority they need to take Britain down a dangerous path.

The options in this election are clear, the hard-brexit and divisive Tories or the Liberal Democrats.

If you want to stop a hard-brexit, vote for it. If you want an open and tolerant and united country, vote for it. If you want an opposition that will hold the Tories to account, vote for it.

Only the Liberal Democrats can provide the opposition this country needs to put the brakes on Theresa May and her disastrous plan for Britain.”

– Mark williams MP, Liberal Democrats


Welsh Conservatives: 'Labour's mask has slipped'

The Welsh Conservatives said the poll came with a health warning. Credit: PA

Responding to the ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre poll the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said:

Whilst the findings of this poll might suggest a solid performance by the Welsh Conservatives in June, such polls come with a serious health warning given the industry’s failure to predict recent results.

What we can be sure of, however, is the outstanding performance of the Prime Minister, who offers the strong and stable leadership that Jeremy Corbyn could never provide.

Here in Wales, Labour’s mask has slipped and the people of Wales are right to be concerned by Welsh Labour’s adoption of Corbynomics.

The choice on June 8th is clear; a choice between the strong and competent leadership of Theresa May or the chaos and confusion of Jeremy Corbyn.

– Andrew RT Davies, leader Welsh Conservatives
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