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David Cameron would consider more power for Wales

David Cameron says he's 'happy' to look at the prospect of transferring further powers to Wales but that he's 'not in favour' of creating a federal United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister made his comments at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham where delegates have warmly welcomed election pledges including a freeze on benefits and a tax cut on pensions.

The Welsh Secretary has announced that a future Welsh Government will now be offered more flexible power to vary income tax - as long as voters agree in a referendum. Mr Cameron told our Political Editor Adrian Masters why his government's changed its mind.


More flexible tax powers on offer for Wales

The Welsh Secretary says the UK government will rewrite its plans for more devolution in order to give Wales the prospect of more control over income tax than had previously been offered.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, Stephen Crabb said he will remove the proposed controversial 'lockstep' system for varying income tax rates.

Under that system, any change in one band of tax would have an equal impact on other bands.

If Wales were to get these powers, the government could vary any band of tax without that restriction.

He said he will ask tomorrow for the Wales Bill to be amended to remove restrictions on income tax powers.

Anti-war protesters to demonstrate in capital

Anti-war demonstrators are expected in Cardiff later to demonstrate against the government's decision to launch air strikes in Iraq.

RAF Tornado aircrafts are flying over Iraq Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

MPs gave the green light for British military action against Islamic State targets on Friday by 524 votes to 43.

Credit: PA Images

But protesters from Stop the War Coalition say western military intervention is not the answer.

"The record of the west's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya show that as well as creating misery and mayhem, western military interventions make the world a more volatile, dangerous place."

– Adam Johannes, Secretary of Cardiff Stop the War Coalition


Welsh MPs among 43 voting against IS airstrikes

MPs have backed Government plans to join air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq by 524 to 43, after more than six hours of debate in an emergency recall of Parliament.

Peter Hain backs airstrikes against IS militants

Neath MP and former Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain said he supported Ed Miliband's caution about extending military action to Syria, but added: "The blunt truth is that simply allowing Isil to retreat across an invisible border to them, which they control, into Syria and regroup is simply no answer."

He backed British air strikes in Iraq but said a negotiated settlement had been required in Syria in 2013 and was still needed.

Mr Hain added: "Handled sensitively, this could be an opportunity, and I urge the Prime Minister to take it, to kick-start a proper Syrian peace process and to defuse the long-standing, deep and inflammatory divisions amongst Muslims in the Middle East."

Farage: Wales gets 'worst delivery' of health and education in the UK

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said that Wales is getting the worst deal in the UK in terms of health and education.

Speaking ahead of his party's conference in Doncaster today, Mr Farage also claimed there was little appetite for further powers in Wales.

The party came second in the recent European Elections in Wales.

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