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Leanne Wood says Conservatives have 'wreaked havoc'

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood says her party won't rule out joining a coalition government with Labour after next year's UK election. But she says Labour would have to offer significant concessions towards meeting her call for funding parity with Scotland.

She was speaking after talks with the leaders of the SNP and the Green Party to form what they called 'an anti-austerity alliance' at Westminster.

Sturgeon says Plaid and SNP 'don't agree on everything'

Scotland's new First Minister says she's 'comfortable' with a difference of opinion between her party and Plaid Cymru on the funding of devolved governments.

Launching an alliance of the two parties and the Greens in Parliament, Nicola Sturgeon said she recognises Plaid's claim that Wales is underfunded. But she said she doesn't accept that that means Scotland is overfunded.


Votes for 16 year olds in Wales 'inevitable' says First Minister but only with election power transfer

The First Minister says it's 'inevitable' that sixteen and seventeen year olds will be allowed to vote in Welsh elections in the future. But Carwyn Jones says it could only happen when Wales is given power over its own electoral arrangements.

At today's meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee, Scotland's First Minister won a promise from David Cameron to devolve the power to lower the voting age to the Scottish Parliament. Political Editor Adrian Masters asked Carwyn Jones if he backed the move for Wales.

Devolution debate moving away from 'navel-gazing' says Welsh Secretary

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb says today's meeting between the UK Government and the leaders of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland marked a change in the debate around devolution.

He told Political Editor Adrian Masters that 'the vast majority of the meeting' was devoted to talking about how the governments could work together rather than focussing on devolving more powers.

First Minister calls for 'transparent' dealing on change for Wales after Downing Street meeting

The First Minister has welcomed today's meeting of the leaders of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with the Prime Minister in Downing Street. He said:

This was a serious and useful discussion. I made clear that the continued piecemeal approach to devolution would be bad for Wales and bad for the UK as a whole. There was support from the other devolved administrations on our call for a better, fair and more transparent way of dealing with constitutional issues in the future.

The Prime Minister said nothing is off the table in terms of Silk Commission recommendations and the Smith Commission recommendations for Scotland and their application for Wales, which I welcomed.

Nobody is interested in pursuing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to devolution, but what we all want is an end to the cherry picking and an approach founded on mutual respect between the four nations.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

Speaking outside the meeting, the First Minister said he'd received an assurance from the Prime Minister that 'nothing was off the table' when it comes to the transfer of more powers to Wales.


Ann Clwyd reselected to fight Cynon Valley seat

The Cynon Valley Labour Party has reselected Ann Clwyd to fight the seat at the next General Election.

She has been MP for the constituency since 1984.

Selection for Cynon Valley constituency taking place

Selection for the Cynon Valley constituency for next year's General Election is taking place later.

Ann Clwyd has been Cynon Valley MP since the early 80s. Credit: PA, Dominic Lipinski

Ann Clwyd, who has been MP for Cynon Valley since 1984, is facing re-selection because originally said she was going to stand down after this parliamentary term.

She changed her mind about standing down after a row between local activists in the Cynon Valley and Labour party officials who'd insisted they choose a successor from an all-woman shortlist.

They'd argued that they had a strong record of choosing female candidates without central interference.

Wales devolution plan 'second class' compared to Scotland claims Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards says Wales shouldn't be 'treated like a second class nation by the Westminster establishment.' Speaking during the final debate on the Wales Bill, he said the Bill's provisions have been effectively superseded by the proposals of the Smith Commission for further devolution to Scotland.

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