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Williams stays in Lib Dem top team

Mark Williams speaks on Wales in Tim Farron's frontbench team

The only Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams will continue as Wales spokesperson in the party's new Shadow Cabinet announced by leader Tim Farron.

Former Assembly Member Baroness Christine Humphreys is also named as Shadow Wales Office minister in the new-look team of spokespeople.

Mr Williams is listed by his elected title of 'leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats' rather than 'Shadow Welsh Secretary.'

Despite him being the only Welsh Lib Dem MP, there'd been controversy when he was originally one of only two MPs, the other being former leader Nick Clegg, left out Mr Farron's original front bench team.


MPs to discuss impact of Brexit on Welsh funding

MPs are expected to discuss how Brexit will affect European aid to the poorest parts of Wales later today.

Credit: PA images

It's worth £300 million every year and the Chancellor says he'll guarantee the money - but only until 2020.

It comes after Theresa May announced that Wales would be formally involved in Brexit negotiations.

The First Minister was in London yesterday as talks began in the build up to Britain's departure from the European Union.

Difficult for nations to influence Brexit, says Jones

Carwyn Jones AM has been in Downing Street this morning for a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The First Minister says there is still 'huge uncertainty' about how the UK Government sees as success post-Brexit.

In a statement released after today's Joint Ministerial Committee meeting, Carwyn Jones AM, said it was difficult for the devolved administrations to influence the Brexit process.

There is still huge uncertainty about what success will look like from the UK Government. That makes it difficult for the devolved administrations to positively influence the process, but we are still committed to working for the best deal for Wales.

I argued very strongly for full unfettered access to the single market - my key priority remains the Welsh economy and securing more and better jobs for Wales. For us, that must be the starting point for negotiations.

– Carwyn Jones AM

Mr Jones welcomed the UK Government's agreement for the devolved administrations to meet more regularly.


Welsh Secretary to attend Britain's Brexit deal talks

The Welsh Secretary has confirmed he will be attending tomorrow's meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC), where the Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and UK Governments will discuss Britain's Brexit deal.

Alun Cairns says Wales will 'make a success' of Brexit. Credit: PA

Alun Cairns says it will be his job to ensure Wales is at 'the centre of Brexit negotiations' and will be playing a role in negotiations.

My job is to ensure Wales is at the centre of Brexit negotiations, the Welsh economy is strong and we will make a success of this change. The Prime Minister is setting a clear framework for these negotiations to take place.

– Alun Cairns, Secretary of State for Wales,
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