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NATO warships to arrive in Cardiff Bay

Warship in Cardiff Bay
A Latvian warship arrived in the Roath Basin yesterday morning. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Warships from around the world are expected to arrive in Cardiff Bay today ahead of the NATO summit.

Five vessels including the HMS Duncan will dock in the Roath Basin. They are expected to stay in the bay for a week alongside police forces from across the UK.

The ships are coming from France, Lithuania, Norway, Holland and the UK. Yesterday, a Latvian vessel was the first to arrive.

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Terror clamp down may be 'closing the door after the horse has bolted' says Welsh MP

Labour MP Stephen Doughty says he's concerned that new anti-terrorism measures due to be announced by the Prime Minister could be 'closing the door after the horse has bolted.'

The Cardiff South and Penarth MP is questioning how British people, including some from Cardiff who were known to have militant views, were allowed to travel abroad to join jihadi groups.

The NATO Summit: What does it mean for Wales and the World?

by Rosie Mercer
Anti-NATO protesters
Anti-NATO protesters marching in Newport on Saturday Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

It’s the biggest security operation that Wales has ever seen.

After months of preparation, the NATO Summit is almost here, with over 60 world leaders and hundreds of international delegates descending on Newport and Cardiff. But their welcome won’t be entirely warm, with an estimated 20,000 protesters expected to make their voices heard.

Saturday saw the first of a number of planned demonstrations, with around 600 protesters gathering in Newport. They included Côr Cochion, Cardiff’s Red Choir, who voiced their anti-NATO arguments in song.

Côr Cochion, Cardiff’s Red Choir
Côr Cochion, Cardiff’s Red Choir, in Newport on Saturday Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The strength of feeling is very passionate against what NATO is doing. We didn’t want NATO to come to Wales but now they’re in Wales we want to give them a message, that Wales is a peaceful country, Wales wants a peaceful country for our children, Wales wants hospitals and schools. We don’t want war.

– Ray Davies, Founder member of Côr Cochion

But for others, NATO represents security at a time of increasing international instability. Lord Heseltine, former UK Defence Secretary, told ITV Wales that NATO was absolutely fundamental to British safety:

Lord Heseltine
Lord Heseltine speaks to ITV Wales Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

It has preserved the peace of Europe in a way quite uncharacteristic with our history… look at the cost of the Second and First World Wars. The cost in human life, the cost in money. This is just why NATO exists. It’s to stop Europe’s habit of indulging in carnage every generation. And it works.

– Lord Heseltine

So just what is NATO? Why is it here, and what are the arguments for and against? Wales This Week finds out, Tonight at 8pm, ITV Wales

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