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Poll: Wales "rejects" independence say Conservatives

A spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives said the poll showed the majority of Welsh voters rejected independence for Wales.

Embarrassingly for the nationalists, even a majority of Plaid Cymru voters are not in favour of independence. Ahead of the forthcoming elections, this poll reaffirms that the Welsh Conservatives are the primary alternative to a tired Labour government which, during 15 years in power, has failed to deliver the improvements in schools, hospitals and the economy that voters rightly expect.

– Welsh Conservatives

Poll: "Shows strength of feeling" says Welsh Labour

Responding to the latest WelshBarometer Opinion Poll by YouGov for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University, a spokesman for Welsh Labour said,

Today’s poll illustrates the strength of feeling about Wales and Scotland’s continuing place in the United Kingdom. The message to the Scots from Wales is very clear – we are better together, don’t go it alone. Voting ‘no’ does not mean no change, and we want to see progressive change here in Wales, as well as in Scotland

– Welsh Labour

Poll: Plaid Cymru welcome findings

In response to the YouGov Barometer poll, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said she welcomed the fact that more people recognised that Wales needed more powers.

Just as is the case in Scotland, the referendum debate in Wales has further highlighted the need to rebalance powers and wealth in these islands away from where it has become concentrated – in the London city state.

This poll shows that the London parties are wrong to block many of the recommendations of the cross-party commission on devolution. It is concerning that Labour has decided to align itself with the Tories in this referendum debate rather than considering the Welsh national interest.”

– Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru leader


Poll shows Wales strongly against Scottish independence

The latest YouGov poll for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University shows that Welsh voters oppose Scottish Independence by three to one. The figures also show increased support for Welsh Independence, though still opposed by a margin of four to one.

  • Scottish Independence
  • Yes 21%
  • No 64%
  • Don't know/Wouldn't vote 16%
  • Welsh Independence
  • Yes 17%
  • No 70%
  • Don't know/Wouldn't vote 14%

Support for the idea of the Welsh Government levying income tax is growing, with supporters of the idea now just one percent behind its opponents. More devolved taxation is a key element of the "devo-max" package being offered to the Scots if they vote to remain in the UK. The Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, says Wales should be offered everything that Scotland gets but with the right to turn down some elements, including income tax.

  • Welsh Income Tax
  • Yes 38%
  • No 39%
  • Don't know/Wouldn't vote 24%

What both countries are eventually offered depends on who is in power at Westminster after the next election, although in the case of Scotland the pro-union parties have agreed a timetable for "devo-max". In Wales, support for Labour has slipped by three per cent since the last poll in July, with the Conservatives down by two percent. The main beneficiaries are UKIP and to a lesser extent the Greens.

  • Westminster Election
  • Labour 38%
  • Conservative 23%
  • UKIP 17%
  • Plaid Cymru 11%
  • Liberal Democrat 6%
  • Green 5%
  • YouGov questioned 1,025 Welsh adults on September 8th to 11th.

Welsh campaigners supporting 'yes' vote in Scottish independence referendum rally in Cardiff

Welsh campaigners supporting a 'yes' vote in next week's Scottish independence referendum have held a rally on the steps of the Senedd.

They say they're backing Scotland to break away from the UK on Thursday. But the demonstration also attracted some supporters of the 'no' campaign, who say that they feel we're all better off together. Hannah Thomas reports.

Rally held in Cardiff to support Scottish independence

Hundreds of people are taking part in the rally outside the Senedd. Credit: ITV News / Richard Morgan

A rally is currently being held outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay to support Scottish independence ahead of next week's vote.

The event, organised by Wales Supporting Yes, includes speakers such as the Leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood, and Pippa Bartolotti, Leader of the Green Party in Wales.

Being independent is a normal state for any nation. Scotland's referendum provides an opportunity for people there to build a fairer society based on equality.

A 'yes' vote can inspire people in Wales and in other parts of these islands to do more for ourselves and to do our politics differently. Scotland shows us that there is an alternative.

– Leanne Wood AM, Plaid Cymru
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