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Plaid Cymru: Britain has 'changed forever' following Scottish referendum vote

Following today’s referendum result in Scotland, Plaid Cymru has said that Britain has changed forever and that business as usual in terms of how the nations are governed is not an option.

The people of Scotland have spoken and it is right to respect their decision. What is clear however is that Britain has changed forever and we cannot go back to business as usual.

It is precisely 17 years to the day that the people of Wales awoke to their new political nationhood following our devolution referendum.

Since then our national journey has been characterised by false dawns and failures of imagination. Wales can no longer be a spectator in its own national journey.

A new process must now begin involving all the nations of the UK to ensure meaningful and significant decentralisation.

– Leanne Wood AM, Leader, Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru also say the party remains sceptical about the promises of new powers, but any offers to Scotland must also be offered to Wales.

Welsh Liberal Democrats: Wales must unite in call for more powers

Following the decision of the people of Scotland to reject separation from the United Kingdom, the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for the parties of Wales to unite in a call for the devolution of powers to a fully functioning Parliament.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams AM, has challenged the other Welsh parties to fully sign up to the recommendations of the second Silk commission.

I am delighted that the people of Scotland have chosen to remain part of the United Kingdom. This is good news for Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, Wales included. However it’s clear that the UK will never be the same again, and as the entire country discusses its future Wales must not be left behind.

I’m absolutely clear that all parties must unite and speak with one voice as we call for power to be brought closer to the people of Wales. If we don’t, there is a huge threat that our nation could be marginalised and our voice diminished.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Leader, Welsh Liberal Democrats


Disciplinary proceedings against Pembrokeshire Council Chief Executive begin

The first meeting of the committee set up on Friday to begin disciplinary proceedings against Pembrokeshire Council Chief Executive Bryn Parry-Jones will begin today.

Pembrokeshire Council passed a vote of no confidence against Bryn Parry-Jones last week. Credit: ITV Wales News

A vote of no confidence was passed against Mr Parry-Jones last week after a police investigation began into salary supplement payments of around £45,000 which were paid to him and other senior council members.

The 15-man committee has the power to suspend Mr Parry-Jones - with the Labour Group on the Council under Paul Miller calling for immediate suspension.

Peter Hain: 'Future of the UK is federal'

In an interview with STV, Peter Hain MP renewed his call for a federal UK.

Attention turns to Wales and rest of UK over Scottish referendum vote

Votes are being counted this morning over whether Scots should become independent or remain part of the UK. Credit: PA

With it all but certain that Scots have rejected independence, attention is already turning to the sort of change which might happen to Wales and the rest of the UK.

Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has said in the last few minutes that Westminster politicians must 'recognise the emerging reality' that the future of the UK is a federal one.

And the Deputy First Minister of Scotland says the referendum campaign and result shows that there's 'a strong appetite for change.'


Scotland votes in historic independence referendum

Voting on the Scottish independence referendum has got underway. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Referendum polling stations across Scotland have opened - allowing millions of Scots to decide to whether to go independent or remain part of the United Kingdom.

Voting closes at 10pm, with the results expected to be announced early tomorrow morning.

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