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UKIP members to vote for AM candidate selection

Nathan Gil and Nigel Farage say UKIP members will now vote for who will stand in the Assembly elections. Credit: PA

UKIP says its members will be able to vote for who they want to see on their regional list for the Welsh Assembly elections.

It follows a furious row which broke out within the party last month amid claims of cronyism and accusations of figures close to leader Nigel Farage being imposed on the Welsh party against local campaigners wishes.

Nigel Farage and I are delighted that the members of Wales will be given the opportunity to vote on who represents UKIP in the Welsh Assembly.

Throughout my political career, I have always argued that important decisions should be made by people and not the political elites. The people know best. For a long time I wanted the Welsh membership to have a greater say in who represents our party in the elections in Wales. Both Nigel Farage and I have long believed that it should be the members of UKIP in Wales who should have the final say in selecting who stands for us in this, the most important domestic election

– Nathan Gill MEP, Leader of UKIP in Wales
  1. Nick Powell

Crabb to warn against 'fear' tactics in EU campaign

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb will use a speech in Cardiff to warn EU referendum campaigners. Credit: PA

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb is expected to warn both sides in the forthcoming referendum on EU membership not to try to "bully" the electorate. He'll tell business leaders in Cardiff later today that "anything that smells of 'project fear' from either side will fail".

Despite explicitly appealing to campaigners both for and against staying in EU, Mr Crabb will make clear his disapproval of arguments based on fears about Britain's economic and military security if the UK leaves. It's a position that will chime with the views of the many Eurosceptics in the Conservative party.

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