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Transport Secretary announces plans to cut Severn crossing tolls

Photocall at the A48 Severn Bridge as Chris Grayling and Alun Cairns announce proposals to cut toll prices Credit: ITV News

Transport Secretary Christopher Grayling has officially announced plans to slash Severn crossing tolls by up to 75%.

Drivers and businesses will benefit from proposed cuts to the tolls following the return to public ownership, Mr Grayling has said.

He was joined by Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns and Monmouth MP David Davies for the announcement.

Under the proposals:

  • Cars will pay £3.00 instead of £6.70.
  • Small buses or vans will pay £3.00, down from £13.40
  • Lorries and coaches will pay £10 instead of £20
  • Blue Badge holders and motorcycles will continue to be exempt from the tolls.

The Welsh Affairs Committee has been a longstanding champion of a reduction in fairs for the Severn Bridge.

This is a measure that benefits the people and economy of South Wales.

I am especially pleased that the Government has committed to reviewing the tolls in the future and we can now hopefully look forward to a time when the M48 is free to use.

– David Davies MP, Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee

It seems unfair that all tolls have been scrapped in Scotland and yet we will still have a toll to enter Wales.

Half of drivers say they will plan their journeys to avoid paying tolls, but for drivers from the South of England the Severn Crossing is simplest way to enter Wales. Otherwise it's a lengthy detour.

If the toll is not scrapped we hope that lessons on free-flow, which is in place at the Dartford Crossing, are learnt when they are introduced on the Severn Crossing.

Drivers will want to see plenty of signage and information which makes it clear how and where to pay the toll.

– Edmund King, AA President

Tolls cut doesn't go far enough say Lib Dems

Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas

Liberal Democrat Transport spokesperson, Jenny Randerson, has added her voice to calls for Severn tolls to be axed altogether.

We welcome that this starts to address a major impediment to the development of the Welsh economy, and indeed that of SW England, and the Bristol area.

However, this does not go far enough. Lib Dems have campaigned for decades for total removal of tolls. Why should people using this bridge pay for its upkeep when they already pay for road repairs through the tax system, just as users of other motorways do?

– Baroness Jenny Randerson

Toll cut 'long overdue' says Shadow Welsh Secretary

Credit: PA, Kirsty O'Connor

Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens has welcomed the UK Government's announcement that it will reduce tolls on the Severn Bridges, but has urged ministers to consider dropping the charges altogether.

After tireless campaigning from local Labour MPs and many commuters, this long overdue announcement that the government will finally be lowering the toll is good news for businesses and commuters in South Wales.

However, with little concrete information about how the free flow system will work in practice, the devil will be in the detail and I will be pushing Ministers to ensure any changes leave people better off.

I’ll look at the consultation carefully, I encourage as many people and businesses as possible to respond to the consultation and I hope the government will consider seriously the views of those who think the charges need to be dropped entirely.

– Jo Stevens MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary


Swansea MP moonlights as a waiter to try to delay Article 50

Swansea MP Geraint Davies is fronting a video campaign as a waiter.

Mr. Davies wants the triggering of Article 50 to be delayed, which he explains in a video by serving tripe instead of chicken to a woman in a 'chicken restaurant'.

The campaign is centred round a public parliamentary e petition supported by The Final Say video below featuring Mr. Davies MP and Angharad Mair Davies who are a waiter and a customer who "Didn’t get what she ordered"

The UK shouldn't be forced to leave the EU on terms nobody voted for.

Therefore Article 50 should be delayed until after the people have had the final say by voting on whether to accept the terms of the deal or to stay in the EU on current terms.

The video is a creative expression of this basic point and the petition enables a mass movement to form behind it.

– Geraint Davies MP

UK Government narrowly avoid defeat in Wales Bill vote

The UK Government has narrowly avoided defeat in a vote over the Wales Bill.

Members of the House of Lords were voting to change the bill to give the Welsh Government power over industrial relations in public services.

UK Government sources had warned that defeat could delay or scupper the bill all together.

In the end the vote was tied at 222 to 222.

Charlotte Church won't sing at Donald Trump's inauguration

Charlotte Church has confirmed she was approached to sing at Donald Trump's inauguration.

She declined the invitation on Twitter, and wrote: "A simple internet search would show I think you're a tyrant. Bye."

Credit: PA

Piers Morgan criticised the Welsh singer for her response.

  • Who will perform at Donald Trump's inauguration?

America's Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho will sing the US national anthem at next Friday's ceremony.

Other acts who confirmed their participation include members of the Talladega Marching Tornadoes, The Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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