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Protests planned over changes to pension age for women

Protests have been planned at the Senedd today over changes to the state pension age for women.

Around 200,000 women in Wales could be affected by the changes. Credit: PA

In 1995, plans were published to increase the State Pensionable Age to 65 for all women born in the 1950s.

Campaigners claim that around 200,000 women in Wales will be affected by the increase.

By 2018 women will have to be 65 to receive the state pension - two years earlier that originally planned. In 2020, both women and men will have to be 66 to receive their pensions.

Air rifle tragedy inspires Westminster debate

An MP in Wales has secured a debate to be held in Westminster later to look at the issue of safety of air rifles.

Teenager George Atkinson from Pontblyddyn died in 1999 after being shot with an air rifle.

Thirteen year old George Atkinson from Pontblyddyn was killed when his ten year old cousin accidentally shot him in the head in 1999.

In spite of years of campaigning, England and Wales has yet to follow Scotland and toughen the law on air rifles.

17 years on people are still getting injured, people are still getting killed. Pets are being shot, children are still dying because of these air guns and I think 17 years is long enough for us to have campaigned and it seems as though we're banging our head against a stone wall because nothing's changing.

– John Atkinson, George's father

Now Delyn MP David Hanson has secured a Westminster Hall debate today calling for air rifles to be licenced and a law to ensure they are locked up with trigger guards when they are in people's homes.


Tories criticise Plaid's 'collusion' with Labour

Leanne Wood has 'lost the moral right to call herself an opposition leader,' according to the the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

Andrew RT Davies says that Plaid Cymru's willingness to try to reach deals with Labour has undermined its scrutiny rôle as an opposition party.

Plaid has unveiled its Programme for Opposition today, setting out what it hopes to achieve by reaching deals with Labour. The Welsh Tory leader has mocked it as a 'programme for collusion.'

Leanne Wood’s announcement of a ‘Programme for Opposition’ is richly steeped in irony. Everyone knows that Plaid’s lady in red always does a deal with Labour.

You can’t be in opposition and in government at the same time, and Leanne Wood lost the moral right to call herself an opposition leader when she signed up to put Labour back in office in May.

Having repeatedly backed Labour’s NHS cuts during the last assembly term, everything is now set for the next stage in their collusion with Labour.

– Andrew RT Davies AM, Welsh Conservative leader


Single market access must be 'red line' in Brexit talks says Plaid

Leanne Wood says Wales's full membership to the single market must be a negotiations 'red line' Credit: ITV Wales

Wales's full membership to the single market must be a 'red line' in Brexit negotiations says the leader of Plaid Cymru.

Leanne Wood said: "If the final deal brought to the table poses a threat to Wales's economy and communities in any form, Plaid Cymru will withhold support for it."

The number one priority for the Welsh Government during Brexit negotiations should be protecting our economy.

This must include securing full membership of the single market for Wales as a red line in any discussions.

Single market membership is arguably more important for Wales than any other part of the UK given that we are a net exporter of goods. We also benefit from several free trade agreements throughout the world thanks to our current single market status.

It is alarming to hear the leader of the Labour party oppose single market membership - a stance which is strictly at odds with the national interests of Wales.

– Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru Leader
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